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This Site is a Complement to the Main Willow's Web Astrology Site

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Venus is retrograde in Gemini, and a little revamping is a good thing!

The main Willow's Web Astrology site will remain at

I like the basic, clean look of Blogger. I think it's a "keeping it real" kind of site for people who are focused on the work, while not oh-so-concerned with the slickness of their online presence. (I really wish people were less concerned with that.) It's definitely the simplest blog platform to use, and I appreciate that about it.

There is concern these days about Google and censorship (Google owns Blogger). I hope I will not see 12 years of blood, sweat, and tears be deleted in one unceremonious keystroke. (I will definitely cry if that happens), but it's good to know there are back-up options out there like this site.

I also know not everyone is into my spicy brand of anarchist astro-reporting. ;-) This site keeps the blog element a little more on the downlow. People who are just looking for a reading or for some astrology tutoring can come here without being shocked by my power deconstructing, lid-ripping, and stone-turning activities.

This site has a nice, professional look. I'm not adept with technology (understatement), and it took quite a few attempts before I was able to put even this simple site together. I hope it looks OK once it goes live.

Thanks for reading.

(I still have to figure out how to change the font from this stylized font, but for now...this is the only option.)

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