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Willow's Web Astrology blog (linked at the top of the page) has a proven track record since 2008 of delivering soulful yet hard-hitting astrology articles with a sociopolitical bent that are unlike any other writing on the web. I combine my journalism background with intuitive astrology, research, and activism, creating a potent channel for beneficial change on this planet.

I believe we have to go to the roots of the dynamics that are harming us on Earth before we can achieve true healing and well-being. Otherwise, we are continually treating symptoms, rather than getting to the source of what ails us.


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"Thanks as always for your continued work. It is very highly valued by me and my fellow readers. I just wanted to acknowledge how much you've helped me these past few years."

"Your writing, tenacity, work ethic, skill set and dedication are nothing less than miraculous."


 "Brilliant writing, poignant reminders and truth telling. I am grateful that you continually offer your time, observations and talent. Your leadership is strong and you shine bright in the night. Thank you for being here." 

"you're a gift to us for these times and i can't thank you enough for your indomitable spirit and your encouragement to keep believing that a better world is being birthed."

"I can't thank you enough for the work you do; you are a tremendous writer."

"Willow, I love reading your stuff. You kick ass. You are wonderfully intelligent and articulate and I detect the most compassionate nature. Thank-you for sharing your ideas, your articles are priceless."

"Thank you for being down-to-the-bone real. So rare. Like a jewel!" 

"I really appreciate your perspective and all the deep research that goes into your writing; you are truly courageous in tracking and exposing so many hidden truths about the world we live in." 

"You are such a blessing in my life. You never fail to come through when I am feeling lost, confused, as if I don't truly belong here. Someday I hope to be able to afford you a truly fair exchange for the value that you bring to my life. Thank you so much for being!" 

"Another tremendously helpful article, the kind I know I won't find anywhere else. Good thing I have excellent taste in astrologers!"

"Thanks, Willow, for promoting values and virtues that go underrated in today’s culture: justice, compassion, courage, and basic love and caring for the earth and for each other. The world is lucky to have you in it!"

"Willow! Wow! You have thrown a spotlight/searchlight over a minefield covered with barbed wire that I will now have consciousness to pick my way through in the coming days and weeks."

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