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Spiritual Sovereignty as the Long Game Ahead of the Next Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

As spiritually sovereign beings, we reject the technocratic control being planned for humanity during the Pluto in Aquarius years (2023 to 2044). We reject any artificial and socially-engineered version of life imposed on us top-down without our input or consent. We reject a world where machines (and machine-like people) make our decisions for us based on data-collection, privacy-annihilation, and algorithms. We reject the imposition of manufactured values that are not our values - a key Uranus in Taurus theme. We choose a life that is governed by us from a spiritually-sovereign state, according to our own spiritual guidance, principles, and conscience. We know they're coming for the very spirit of us. This is what they cannot control, cannot enslave, cannot contain, no matter what they do to our physical bodies. We can see it coming decades ahead. We can see it coming in the Pluto in Pisces years (2043 to 2068). Saturn and Pluto form a conjunction at 14 degrees Pisces on July 10, 2053 and then again at 13 degrees Pisces on February 1, 2054. Authoritarian forms (Saturn) that attempt to bring an annihilation (Pluto) of spirituality and the human spirit (Pisces). This includes the proliferation of false forms of spirituality or a false God. Domination and control through a poisoned or poisonous (Pluto) version of spirituality (Pisces). Poisoning the human spirit.

These silly machinations are all so predictable, aren't they?

The mysterious inner knowing; the magic of living; the beautiful, organic flow; the love and connections that link us through time, space, and location - this is what they have their sights set on. This is what the fools think they can stamp out of existence. Our spiritual sovereignty - governed by connection to a higher power or to our own consciences or both. The energetic transcendence of physical life and its forms. The unifying energy. This is what they think they can take from us. When the machine tells us to live in a way that contravenes our own consciences or spiritual principles, they want us so mind-controlled that we choose the machine... The Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22 degrees Capricorn on January 12, 2020 was an astrological indicator of the largest authoritarian power grab in human history. There has been an attempt to gain complete control over the structure and function of daily human life. This power grab was fed by the largest and most elaborate psychological operative ever carried out against the people of Earth, and this psychological operative is ongoing. The next Saturn-Pluto conjunction is in Pisces in 2054, and we can already see the astrological writing on the wall. In light of this, a firm re-commitment to our spiritual sovereignty is in order, along with regular renewal of that commitment in our conscious minds, words, and deeds.

Saturn conjunct Pluto at 13 degrees Pisces - February 1, 2054

But back to the Aquarian infusion we're experiencing now...

Directed Energy Weapons, Smart Cities, and Technocracy: Breaking the Hold of Digitized Dystopia Ahead of the Pluto in Aquarius Years (2023 to 2044)

We have just lived through Saturn in earliest Aquarius (March 21 to July 1, 2020), which coincided with the attempted cementing of global technocracy and technology-based tyranny. Part of this has involved a shift into technology-driven policing and surveillance through a state of medical martial law. From the August 25, 2014 article, "The Age of Aquarius: A New Era of Energy Weaponry Used Against the People" "Amongst much "Age of Aquarius" rhetoric about technology being used to improve the lives of the common people, energy weapons are being rolled out and used by Global Government forces against peaceful protesters and citizens in unprecedented ways. Aquarius is a sign associated with science and technology. It is symbolized by two waves of current or electricity. As we move further into the astrological Aquarian era, tied to the precession of the equinoxes, we can expect unprecedented technological advances and discoveries, including in the form of energy weaponry. The use of this energy weaponry in warfare and to maintain control over the public will be well established by the time Lord of the Underworld Pluto transits the sign of Aquarius (2023 to 2043). The fight to liberate technological advances and discoveries (as well as energy itself) for the collective good of humanity will be equally strong Pluto in Aquarius themes." In November 2020, United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced an increased investment in the 5G-driven techno-military, including directed energy weapons, artificial intelligence, and surveillance. SmartMilitary, SmartPolice, SmartSurveillance. This is no conspiracy theory. The "Global Government" is actually quite blatant about its plans. These plans are global, and the same technology and weaponry will be used on people domestically. Johnson: "Our new investments can be focused on the technologies that will revolutionize warfare, forging our military assets into a single network designed to overcome the enemy. So a soldier in hostile territory will be alerted to a distant ambush by censors or satellites or drones, instantly transmitting a warning using artificial intelligence to devise the optimal responses, offering an array of options from summoning an airstrike to ordering a swarm attack by drones or paralyzing the enemy with cyber weapons. New advances will surmount the old limits of logistics. Our warships and combat vehicles will carry directed energy weapons destroying targets with inexhaustible lasers. For them, the phrase "out of ammunition" will become redundant. Nations are racing to master this new doctrine of warfare, and our investment is designed to place Britain among the winners. The returns will go far beyond our armed forces from aerospace to autonomous vehicles, these technologies have a vast array of civilian applications." Article.

Elon Musk's taxpayer-funded 5G Starlink satellite scheme is part of the further militarizing of space. He has already declared the U.S. military as a big customer.

"Musk has said SpaceX will need at least 400 Starlink satellites in orbit for "minor" broadband coverage, and 800 satellites aloft for "moderate" coverage. The initial Starlink plan called for a megaconstellation of 12,000 satellites, and SpaceX recenty filed paperwork with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to launch another 30,000 satellites. The ITU is a United Nations agency that manages the global satellite radio-frequency spectrum, among other things.

Ultimately, SpaceX may not need so many satellites in orbit for global coverage. But having them available will allow SpaceX to use some satellites for customized service, Shotwell said, according to SpaceNews.

One of those potential customers may be the U.S. military." Targeted Individual Mark M. Rich outlined the shift to technology-based warfare (including on civilians) in his 2011 book, New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control. As written about in previous articles, the period from 2020 to 2023 marks an infusion of Aquarius energy ahead of the longer-term transit of Pluto in Aquarius (2023 to 2044). Jupiter enters Aquarius and Saturn re-enters Aquarius in December 2020, forming a very powerful conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius at solstice, December 21. We will also experience a historic New Moon in Aquarius on February 11, 2021 within a six-planet or seven-body stellium.

23-degree Aquarius New Moon within six-planet or seven-body stellium - February 11, 2021 Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pallas Athene in Aquarius

The power establishment is attempting to use the years 2020 to 2023 as an establishing point for technology-based control and intensive social engineering of our lives and societies. This involves the 5G grid and the unfolding of Agenda 21/Agenda 2030, which includes hyper-controlled, hyper-surveilled, and heavily-irradiated "Smart Cities." Saturn in Aquarius (2020 to 2023) marks, again, the infrastructural pre-cursor to the Pluto in Aquarius years (2023 to 2044) where the power establishment will be attempting dominance and control via technological means of almost every aspect of our lives, bodies, minds, and spirits. Life on this planet is currently under a ramped-up energetic attack. Dangerous and foreign frequencies and technologies are being used to interfere with our well-being. Understanding this attack, no matter how terrifying or unpleasant it is to know about, is required if we are to protect ourselves and the other living things on this planet. From a previous article: "Jupiter will enter Aquarius at the end of 2020 (December 19) and will immediately form a conjunction to Saturn at the zero degree of Aquarius on December 21. This makes winter solstice 2020 another major establishing and expansion point for "control through technology and frequency." Equinoxes and solstices are referred to as "cardinal points" in astrology and are associated with initiation, leadership, and the opening of new chapters. They're powerful pivot points. The zero-degree of Aquarius is being activated at both March equinox and December solstice 2020, and the power establishment will be using the potent energy involved to advance its technology and control-based social engineering agendas. The control frameworks being established at March equinox through the global pandemic will be expanded upon and solidified at December solstice - if we allow them to be. From the January 20, 2020 patron article, "An Aquarian Infusion on the Horizon and the Next Six-Planet Stellium: Grounded Quantum Leaps" "Not all progress is beneficial progress. Not all growth is good growth. Not all advancements are true advancements. Many of the “advancements” set to be rolled out, particularly involving technology, are actually designed to set humanity back, creating a more stifled, homogeneous, artificially-stimulated, and easily-controlled population... The zero degree of any sign is always particularly potent, ripe with potential. It is an area associated with initiation, a shift into something new. A planet on the zero degree is anchoring in the energies and themes of the sign while simultaneously unlocking new opportunities there, new layers of the scenario. The zero degree is a seed point, a birth point, and when it is being activated, we can expect new themes and events to be kicked up, requiring us to acclimatize to the changing energetic/thematic tone... Every tiny step we’ve carved out that has taken us away from the hyper-controlled, socially-engineered Dystopian Digital Hell being created for life on this planet has been more valuable that any amount of gold or silver or fiat currency in a bank account. Every time we have chosen kindness, humanity, caring, consideration, grounding, and sanity in this hyper-paced world seemingly so depleted of those things, we’ve added solid new lines to the blueprint leading us beyond this garish merry-go-round madness and its horrifying squeal-peals of laughter. Every time we have chosen to be human, and to take a stand for human life, within this socially-engineered funhouse existence, we have set a critically necessary tone. Every time we have been human, rather than the Digitized Automaton Lifeform Versions we are being shaped into, we have drawn an immensely valuable line in the sand. We have set a firm and fortified position of resistance that will benefit many generations to come. We have carved out at least the possibility of an alternative. Because they don’t have anything to compare it to, see? The younger generations are being born into this Dystopian Digitized Hell masquerading as the sleek and sexy future. This is reality for them. Smart phone mesmerism. 5G irradiation. Carefully-crafted images on screens as Real Life. A handful of elite-owned corporate entities feeding toxic-superficial content into hungry eyes and ears and brains. A junk food existence hurtling along at warp speed. So these re-set points, these flaws in the program, these kinks in the plan, these moments of human-driven resistance are all critically necessary. During Saturn’s transit of Aquarius (March 2020 to March 2023), we are required to live with deep respect (Saturn) for humanity (Aquarius) and for ourselves within a new world order that teaches disdain, disgust, and hatred for human beings and for real human values... As we deepen our commitment to living by a vision that brings us to a free humanity, creating a dignified and elevated life for ourselves and others, we create a forcefield around us that will naturally repel the manipulated, artificial, and hyper-controlled versions of the future currently being brought in to saturate human society... Getting to this point and fully cementing it during the Saturn in Aquarius transit is very important, as the Saturn in Aquarius transit segues almost seamlessly into the Pluto in Aquarius years. Just as Saturn completes its transit of Aquarius in March 2023, Pluto begins its transit of the sign. Lord of the Underworld Pluto is a body that relates to abusive power, hell, and nightmares – but also to the ultimate liberation from those things. Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian and also of the eugenicist. Pluto relates to what is hidden or suppressed, and so we can see the symbology of a power agenda rolling out a blueprint for a Grand Humanitarian Future that is actually eugenicist and anti-human in nature. The Pluto in Capricorn years (2008 – 2023) have coincided with the rise of the corporation as a vehicle for the power elite. Corruption and illegitimacy have been exposed in institutions of all kinds throughout these years, all while the establishment kept chugging along, pretty much business as usual. Pluto in Aquarius (2023 - 2044) indicates two decades characterized by the rise of technology as a vehicle for the power elite. As terrifying as the practises and powers of toxic and deadly corporations have been, the prospect of technological advances being utilized to control and degrade humanity is even more terrible. This is the attempt to alter our DNA. This is the attempt to attune our neurological processes to artificial stimuli. This is the attempt to poison and control with increasing levels of electromagnetic radiation. This is the use of energy weapons. This is the attempt to get human beings to willingly throw off their biology in favour of transhumanism. This is the attempt to fully lock human beings into Dystopian Digital Hell but to do it gradually, seamlessly, until no one can even remember a time before we took our every cue from a machine or an electromagnetic frequency or a pre-programmed idea. Technology in and of itself is not evil, but the symbology of Pluto in Aquarius indicates a time when technology is in evil hands with an evil intent for humanity. The power (Pluto) that goes along with the control of technology (Aquarius) is being terribly misused... Be ever-vigilant that there is a snaky and insidious version of the Aquarian-era future being rolled out, a sleek and sexy and seductive version that is entirely to our detriment. With the upcoming Aquarian infusion, we are in the process of becoming a force, a fully committed force, that will simply repel this manipulated version of life on the planet, blazing a truly independent path through the still and sublime cosmos that will cement a real and viable alternative." In order to repel this manipulated version of life, it helps to get clear(er) on the broader plan for a globalized, socially-engineered existence. As part of this, we're dealing with our communities being turned into Smart Cities without public knowledge or consent. This is part of a larger ideology developed by the Technocracy, which I will define later in the article.

What is a Smart City?

In basic terms, a Smart City is a community run via a program of technology-based social engineering. The current plan is for communities to be “transformed” into Smart Cities worldwide without public consent. Cities would be run and decisions would be made based on data collected from all variety of sources. Everyday objects from traffic lights to garbage cans to clothing to diapers to tampons to toilets to household appliances to cell phones to even electronic devices in people's bodies or brains would be collecting data on the residents and providing this data to electronic sources/databases. The Smart City would then be run and decisions would be made based on the data collected from these electronic devices.

Many people make the argument that we’re “already living in Smart Cities” because our cell phones, devices, and computers are monitored and tracked. This is not accurate. Smart City living is far beyond anything we have ever seen. The levels of top-down social engineering, control, and surveillance would be unprecedented. Many everyday objects used in our daily lives would be connected to the electronic grid, constantly monitoring us and our movement and collecting and transmitting data to electronic sources. Public areas and even parks would be under near-total surveillance, including facial recognition cameras, drones, and video surveillance. The current levels of tracking and surveillance are still in the very earliest stages. Smart Cities would advance this dramatically, saturating our daily lives.

Billions of everyday objects would be connected to electronic devices (referred to as The Internet of Things or IoT), and these devices would be constantly monitoring, collecting, and transmitting data on the people living in the community - not to mention emitting horrendously dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation and frequency. The data collected on the residents would then create what are called algorithms, and these algorithms would be used to make the decisions for the city. People would be expected to live by the algorithm. Smart Cities involve a new, wholescale technological system to be brought in, and 5G (fifth generation) is the early infrastructure for it. The current 4G technology is not sufficient for the tremendous amount of data that would need to be collected, transmitted, stored, and analyzed. The 5G (and beyond) grid is required for these purposes.

As mentioned, there is a strong surveillance component to Smart Cities where all public places would be under total or near-total surveillance, including facial recognition cameras on every street, drones, video surveillance from satellites, and other sources. In fact, there are plans to put the entire planet under video surveillance, excluding the North and South Poles. This brings up many concerns about privacy. Again, many devices in people's private homes would also be monitoring them and collecting and transmitting data on their everyday lives.

There is concern about the level of electromagnetic radiation all these devices would produce, including one 5G cell tower for every city block at the very least, which would expose people, animals, insects, trees, and plants to dangerous radiation and frequency. There are already proven detrimental effects on biological organisms from 4G (fourth generation) wireless and cell towers. 5G increases that electromagnetic radiation/frequency exposure dramatically. This would be a particular problem for children, the elderly, people with underlying health conditions, and electromagnetically-sensitive people. EMF has proven detrimental effects on pollinators, as well, and our pollinators are already in trouble.

One of the goals of Smart Cities is to automate many jobs and to bring in the widespread use of artificial intelligence, including in the police forces. This would put people out of work en masse, and it would put us under a system of technology-based or artificial intelligence-based surveillance and policing. (It would put many human police officers out of work, as well.)

There is a concerted agenda to "transform" our communities into Smart Cities worldwide, and the 5G grid is the underlying infrastructure for this. The current 4G technology is not sufficient for the tremendous amount of data that would be collected, transmitted, stored, and analyzed in a Smart City. The 5G grid, touted as much faster and more powerful than 4G, is required to continue with these plans.

Do you give consent to live in a Smart City? Do you give consent to have your community “transformed” into a Smart City? These are questions that are not being asked of the people. Instead, this scheme is being insidiously foisted upon us top-down, without our knowledge or consent.

This might sound like science fiction, but the move to Smart City living is already well underway, including in relatively small cities.

In the document linked below, you can see a bid for a health-based monitoring system in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. The document is called "HealthSmart Airdrie: Smart Cities Challenge." In the document, Airdrie says it has been taking steps toward becoming a Smart City since 2007. In other words, this system of technology-based social engineering is already well underway, including even in small Canadian cities like Airdrie, population 60,000.

Do you give consent to live in a Smart City? Do you give consent to have your community “transformed” into a Smart City? These are questions that are not being asked of the people. Instead, this scheme is being insidiously foisted upon us top-down, without our knowledge or consent.

It's imperative that these questions be put to all mayors and city councilors:

Does City Council have plans to turn this community into a Smart City?

Have steps already been taken to make this community a Smart City?

What recourse do residents have if they oppose this community becoming a Smart City?

What is the response of City Council to the known dangers of electromagnetic radiation exposure, which would be exacerbated by the 5G rollout in this community?

May we have a map of future 5G cell installations in the community?

What recourse do homeowners, business owners, or renters have to stop 5G antennae from being placed near their buildings?

Links for further information on Smart Cities:

Smart Cities are considered a key component of the United Nations Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals.

In the Montevideo Declaration produced in Uruguay in September 2016, Smart Cities and information and communication technologies were promoted as key elements of the United Nations’ “New Urban Agenda.” The Declaration promoted the advance of a “global smart city movement” and “smart sustainable cities.”

In the article, “What is a Smart City: toward the transcendent model society of 2030,” a disturbing blueprint is revealed for the type of "Smart Societies" planned in the United Nations Agenda 2030. It's all couched in very glowing and idealistic language (the hard sell), but it actually describes a technological dystopia built on surveillance, control, and top-down social engineering.

The website linked below shows a disturbing blueprint for the type of "Smart Societies" planned in the United Nations' Agenda 2030. It's all couched in very glowing and idealistic language (the hard sell), but it's beyond creepy.

This blueprint is for an entirely socially-engineered society that is designed for us through analysis of massive amounts of data that would be collected on all of us. (We're seeing an early form of this with the "track and trace" programs re: Covid.) The society is saturated with and completely dependent on digital technology and basically turns human beings and every facet of our lives into data.

It's a top-down society (though they call it "consensual") where reality is engineered for us, decisions are made for us, and we are told how to live our "best lives" - all based on algorithms designed through the constant monitoring, tracking, and surveillance of our daily lives.

The "cultural norms" we're expected to live by are created for us, top-down, via these algorithms, and decisions are made for us by technology. Even the values by which we are required to live are generated for us by artificial intelligence! (This is a key theme for the Uranus (technology) in Taurus (values) years from 2018 to 2026.) These are the enforced values that all members of the Smart Society are required to follow, or they must leave the society. This is quite an amusing interpretation of the term "consensual." Basically, if you don't buy the "collective values" being enforced on you by the majority/artificial intelligence/algorithm, you're forced to leave your community. There seem to be very few, if any, rights for individuals with minority perspectives under this system.

Live how artificial intelligence tells you to live or be banished.

An excerpt:

"Smart Society (Newly) Defined

“A smart society is a set of systems that express a consensually established set of values. Everything flows from those values. It is one in which leaders and citizens make data-based decisions which enable constantly improving outcomes in economic prosperity, social well-being, environmental sustainability and good governance. A smart society includes a reward or incentive system that engenders socially desirable and environmentally regenerative behaviours without compulsion or punishment.”"

Again, there is a push for the adoption of "consensual values" that have been created for us through artificial intelligence. People who oppose the top-down imposition of such values would be forced to leave the Smart Society.

This type of society operates under a social credit system where people are rewarded for living according to the "consensual values" of the Smart Society (often referred to as "sustainable living"). They may be punished, ostracized, or demerited when they do not.

Every aspect of this highly-disturbing "life" would be planned out for us via technology-generated algorithms.

Since, as the site claims, "universal surveillance will soon be the defacto reality," there would be no expectation of privacy in any public area, and any Citizen [capitalization is theirs] would be able to view any public recording at any time. [That certainly isn't rife with potential for abuse, now is it?]

"No consensual act between adults or solely involving one’s own body by a competent adult is criminal," and Virtual Reality (VR) would be heavily implemented, making the distinction between real life and virtual reality even foggier. "[A]ll manner of experiences that are considered too dangerous, immoral, impractical or even impossible in the real world will be available to people in VR."

The implications of this are truly horrifying.

Technocracy: the Science of Social Engineering

This version of globalized Smart City living is supported by the 5G (and beyond) wireles grid, which is used for the monitoring, tracking, and authoritarian technocratic control of nearly every aspect of our lives and societies. It involves the implementation of technology-driven surveillance and policing, which is being brought in lock-step around the world. We already have drone surveillance in countries like Australia and France where drones are out to catch people who are outdoors without masks or vehicles that are more than five kilometres from home. The plan is to go so far as to merge human beings with technology (transhumanism). A couple early elements of this are Elon Musk's "Neuralink," which connects a person's brain to technology and the data grid, as well as proposed implants in our bodies as a means to monitor our vaccinations.

The ideology that spawned this horror and insanity is called Technocracy. What follows are a few points about Technocracy that come from the work of Patrick Wood, a man who is knowledgeable about technocracy and has written two books on it, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation and Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order:

- Technocracy is an ideology that developed during the Great Depression (1938). It basically desires to take over the political system, installing scientists, engineers, and technology specialists in all positions of hierarchical power. At its height, Technocracy was a membership organization with 500,000 card-carrying, dues-paying official members. (They'll be less overt in their allegiances to it today...)

- Technocracy is considered the science of social engineering.

- Technocracy is basically scientism - science as God and scientists as Gods. Science and scientists reign supreme over the "common herd." Henri de Saint-Simon, a French philosopher from around 1800, is considered the father of scientism, social sciences, transhumanism, and technocracy.

- The Trilateral Commission is involved in the push for technocracy, including Zbigniew Brzezinski

- Elon Musk's grandfather, Dr. Joshua Haldeman, was the head of Technocracy in Canada in the 1930s and 1940s.

- Technocracy is the ideology behind the "smart" agenda: smart cities, smart phones, smart appliances, smart cars, smart anything and everything. This is what is referred to as "the Internet of Things." It allows for the constant monitoring, tracking, and surveilling of our every move and is tied to the social engineering agenda where they are actually designing our behaviour and our choices for us. (This has been going on for many decades but is certainly in overdrive as we enter the 2020s.)

Knowing this information - seeing the inane and inhumane plans being rolled out step-by-insidious-step around the world - assists us as we vigilantly maintain our biological humanity and sovereignty - spiritual and otherwise.

Seeing through machinations and manipulations of power is part of our Pluto work. We can see the powerful technology-based agendas ahead of the Pluto in Aquarius years (2023 to 2044), and by understanding these attempts to control through technology, we can choose something better, a preferable vision of the Aquarian Era future.

By seeing the attempted annihilation (Pluto) of spirituality (Pisces) up ahead during the Pluto in Pisces transit (2043 to 2068), we can protect our rights as spiritually-sovereign biological human beings now. We can protect our natural energy fields as they come under attack through electromagnetic frequencies and radiation. We can bolster and nourish the magic and mystery of life on this planet and live in that magic and mystery every day - our birthright.

Pluto relates to the use of power in all forms. Pluto in Aquarius indicates the power of the people, the power of the individual within the group, and the powerful genius of humanity, in general. Pluto in Pisces indicates the power of the spiritual and the human spirit. It is the power in unification and in protection of spiritual principles. Pluto in Pisces is the power of the spiritually-sovereign. It's the power of the unifying force. We may feel artificially separated from this force in temporary ways, but we can never be severed from it.

Please do not give up your own power in these times or in any times yet to come. That would be terribly unfortunate for you, for the people around you, and for this planet as a whole. Own the power you have in each moment of this precious life, and use it well.

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Creating the 5G-Driven Surveillance State "Starlink, the satellite-based internet service from SpaceX, is set to revolutionize remote surveillance and security. With the ability to provide high-speed internet access to virtually any location on the planet, Starlink can enable organizations to monitor and protect their assets in even the most remote locations... Finally, Starlink could be used to monitor remote areas for security threats. With its global coverage, Starlink could be used to detect and track suspicious activity in remote areas. This could be especially useful for governments and security agencies that need to monitor large areas for potential threats... This is because the service can be used to monitor and detect suspicious activity, allowing authorities to respond quickly to any potential threats."


The real purpose of the StarLink satellite scheme involves "space-based military intelligence and surveillance." This will also keep rural people under surveillance more easily. I watch in horror as rural people applaud Elon Musk as some sort of "hero of the working class" while he is basically shutting them into an electronic cage. Lasers can also be attached to low-orbit satellites. I'm not sure if StarLink satellites could be used for this reason. "Taran highlighted the importance of utilizing space-based technology for Ukraine’s security interests, noting that it would allow for better monitoring of its borders and other areas of strategic interest. He also noted that the technology would allow for better intelligence gathering and analysis, allowing the country …

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