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VIDEO - My Delegation Against Water Fluoridation - Regina City Council Budget Meeting Dec. 15, 2022

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

After a mountain of evidence of fluoride's dangers was presented to them by me and other delegates, 9 out of 11 Regina City Councillors steamrolled forward with the plan to force artificial water fluoridation on unwilling residents while wasting $2.5 million on fluoride infrastructure. They voted down all motions put forth by Landon Mohl, the lone councillor who voted against the original motion. Mohl put forth motions to stop the infrastructure funding, to wait a year until an impact study could be done, and to have a referendum on the issue. These were all voted down by 9 out of 11 of the other city councillors:

Sandra Masters, Cheryl Stadnichuk, Bob Hawkins (the originator of the initial motion), Andrew Stevens, Lori Bresciani, John Findura, Daniel LeBlanc, Terina Nelson, and Jason Mancinelli

Any reasonable person would have halted the push for forced artificial water fluoridation after hearing the information that was presented by me, by other delegates, and by the many Regina residents who expressed their opposition to water fluoridation over the past year and a half. Unfortunately, it's rare that we have wise or reasonable people in positions of institutional power these days!

The fight against forced water fluoridation is a historic battle, building on the work of anti-fluoride activists and educators from the past 70+ years. Regina has never before had artificial water fluoridation. The initial vote to add fluoride to the water was snuck by in August 2021 at the height of the Covid pandemic when people were too distracted and exhausted (not to mention socially distanced) to put up a full opposition. Reginans have voted No on fluoride four times in the past, establishing a historical majority of people against artificial water fluoridation. Despite this, City Council steamrolled forward with plans to fluoridate the water against the people's will.

Hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA) is a known toxin, neurotoxin, and carcinogen. It has been deemed "hazardous waste" by the Supreme Court of Canada. It is illegal to put hazardous waste in the water supply at any level. It is also illegal to administer a drug or health treatment through the water without informed consent, without being a physician or other applicable health professional, and without being able to regulate the dose of the drug being added.

These are criminal actions being committed against the people by Regina city councillors.

Local media has also been silent on the known dangers of water fluoridation and on the widespread local opposition to fluoridation this whole time. They are complicit in these crimes, as well.

We will continue fighting.


The City of Regina is preaching to people about having a "Green Christmas" all while forcing a known toxin, neurotoxin, and carcinogen, fluoride, into the water here against the will of the residents.

Irony, you're knocking it out of the park, as per usual!


Your fight now is to RECALL all those that voted in favor, and have a slate of people ready to go to replace them. All municipalities have been overtaken by closeted luciferians that serve other masters. As you can see, they don't serve the constituents. Use your energy wisely. Now is your chance to get rid of them. Surf the wave. Cheers!

Replying to

That would take a wholeeeeee lot more active people than we currently have in this complacent government town. I'm pretty close to a one-woman band. There are a handful of other active and semi-active resisters. That's it. The rest roll over and pretend it isn't happening.

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