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Conversations About Town During the Dark of the Moon in Gemini

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

I was running errands this afternoon and noted that we were in the Dark of the Moon in Gemini. The Sun and Moon will come together in a New Moon annular ("ring of fire") solar eclipse at 19 degrees Gemini on June 10 (3:52 a.m. Pacific), and this eclipse forms a square aspect to Neptune at 23 degrees Pisces. Dark of the Moon periods can be very potent as far as fated events. In the sign of Gemini, this could involve a fated crossing of paths, fated connections, and fated conversations or interactions, particularly involving "dark" subject matter or suppressed or hidden perspectives. In Gemini, these events could be relatively quick and light, occurring as we go about our daily business. The backdrop of the local neighbourhood or local businesses would be fitting. And since we're in the midst of eclipse season, this Dark of the Moon period in Gemini could produce more potent or meaningful contacts than usual. This is an illustration of the themes as I experienced them under the Balsamic Moon in Gemini: I was the only person in Safeway grocery store without a mask today. A woman (masked) who was in the checkout line ahead of me with her elderly mother (also masked) said, "Good for you!" and tugged at her mask to indicate what she was referring to as she walked out. I laughed and thanked her. (Then I mumbled that it was a medical exemption lest the masked cashier disapprove of our exchange.)

As I was sitting at the bus stop (more Gemini) with my groceries, an elderly woman walked up to the bus bench with her own bags. I asked if she minded me sitting beside her (unmasked). She didn't. She asked if I minded if she kept her mask off. I didn't. She said she had been vaccinated and asked if I was going to get it. I said no. She asked me how it was to go into stores without a mask, whether I had to show documentation of my medical exemption. I told her people don't have to show documentation to prove a medical exemption but that I had some just in case. I said some stores accept the exemptions and others do not (this is actually discrimination). Her son doesn't wear a mask and hasn't been going anywhere because of the mask mandate. (How terrible.) I told her that if he has severe anxiety from wearing a mask, he has a legitimate medical exemption. She said he was not aware of that and that wearing a mask would definitely cause severe anxiety for him. She said she'd pass that information on to him.

After I dropped my groceries off at home, I went to the second hand bookstore. I asked if I could shop with my medical exemption, and the owner said I could. When I was paying for my books, she asked me if I was going to get the shot. I said no. She said she didn't want to get it either but that she'd been getting a lot of flak from her loved ones because of it. Her doctor also told her she should really get it "because she's aboriginal." (???)

She said she didn't realize there were a lot of people who weren't getting the shot. I said there were a lot of us and that only a little over 50% of Americans had gotten it so far. She said she thinks it's a personal choice. Since the "official" narrative is strictly pro-shot, I believe we're getting a skewed representation of the real perspectives among the public on these subjects. We have politicians and celebrities singing the praises of the shot, absolutely saturating mass media with pro-shot perspective (I would say propaganda). We have businesses saying they will not hire unvaccinated people and that the shot will be mandatory for workers. We have hundreds of U.S. universities saying the shot will be mandatory for all students and they will not accept any unvaccinated students. We have hospitals attempting to force all employees to get the shot. The idea of a "vaccine passport" is being floated with the understanding that the unvaccinated would not be allowed to travel internationally. We have "incentives" for getting the shot - everything from free doughnuts to free joints to free shots of alcohol to a chance to win a million dollars in a lottery. Children over the age of 12 have been deemed competent to get the shot without parental permission and without parental accompaniment. Pop-up vaccine clinics are offering free ice cream to kids who get the shot.

Letter from Saskatchewan (Canada) Parents to School Boards, Superintendents, and Principals: "We demand you halt all injections throughout the schools in this province immediately." Canada launches its first national vaccine injury compensation program (There has been a call for this type of program in Canada since the 1980s. This is the year it is finally coming into existence. I wonder what could possibly have brought this on?) This is all extremely sad because a potent cocktail of peer pressure, professional intimidation, fear, and intense media propaganda can make people do things they wouldn't ordinarily do. It can make people go against their own intuition and their own consciences. True consent requires informed consent, and I don't believe we are seeing the full picture presented by those chosen to represent the cause on mainstream media.

The United States Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) has recorded 294,801 adverse reaction reports related to the shots in the first five months of the rollout. This includes:

- 5,165 deaths - 5,317 life threatening - 3,994 disabled - 13,574 severe allergic reactions - 1,342 anaphylaxis

In general, official statistics represent between 1% and 13% of all adverse reactions. There is quite possibly heightened vigilance and reporting in this case, but the official numbers will still only represent a fraction of the real injuries and deaths. As of June 19, 2021, the combined totals of deaths and injuries following the Covid shots in the European Union, United Kingdom, and United States were: 21,192 deaths and 2,698,177 injuries.

This experimental gene therapy has, of course, been rolled out around the world, which means the total worldwide numbers of deaths and injuries will be dramatically higher.

This means that in the past five months, tens of thousands of souls (at the very least) have left this planet unnaturally and unwillingly, and millions more are now living the hell that is vaccine injury - either because they themselves were injured or because a loved one was injured. The perspective being furthered through the current establishment scientific and medical paradigm is that this number of injuries and deaths was expected, that it's reasonable, and that the people injured and killed are, in effect, unfortunate collateral damage to get a fully vaccinated public.

I believe this is a sociopathic way of looking at things. The point isn't how rare the reactions supposedly are in comparison to the number of shots given worldwide. (There is also zero knowledge about any long-term effects.) The point is that these shots have killed, disabled, or injured millions of people worldwide in the past five months in what is basically a clinical trial for an experimental gene therapy that has no proven track record for efficacy and no long-term safety record.

Turning real people, real devastated people and families, into "numbers and data" that can be written off as "unfortunate but expected collateral damage" is horrifically wrong-headed in my opinion, but this is the usual way of looking at injuries and deaths related to vaccines.

The numbers of dead and injured are unprecedented as far as VAERS data within a five-month time frame. There have been more adverse reaction reports in the past five months than were recorded in a 15-year period previously, and the numbers are climbing.

There are many, many doctors speaking out about these unprecedented illnesses and deaths, but they aren't making it onto mainstream media platforms. If they do speak out or dare to practise medicine in a way that is contrary to the official orders, they are being censored and professionally censured.

One of those doctors is Dr. Charles Hoffe, who practises in a small, predominantly aboriginal town called Lytton in British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Hoffe spoke out about the high numbers of deaths and long-term injuries (seemingly permanent) he was seeing as he administered the shots. Dr. Hoffe said he was seeing a horrifically high severe adverse reaction rate of 1 in 225. He wrote a letter about it to Bonnie Henry, the British Columbia Provincial Health Officer and primary media mouthpiece for the current agenda.

Shortly afterward, he was told by the British Columbia Interior Health Authority that he could no longer work in the emergency room in his town.

It's ironic that the second hand bookstore owner was told by her doctor that she should really get the shot "because she is aboriginal" when there is evidence of severe adverse reaction or death at a rate of 1 in 225 for aboriginal people in Lytton, B.C. If a person is informed of the true risks versus benefits, freely chooses to get the shot, and is injured or killed, at least that was the person's own choice.

If a person has been coerced, intimidated, pressured, or frightened into getting the shot and that person is injured or killed, that's a double tragedy. I think these types of daily conversations and exchanges among real people living their real lives are very needed to penetrate the media (Mercury/Gemini) fog (Neptune/Pisces) that has been generated and the illusion (Neptune/Pisces) that everyone is agreeing with and going along with the "official recommendations." This is not the case. I hope this New Moon eclipse in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces will give wings to the perspectives and to the information currently being shut out of the public discourse on these subjects. From December 14, 2020: Faux Aquarian Corporate Do-Gooding and Mastering the Plutonic Sociological Imagination as Pluto Nears the End of its Transit of Capricorn (Johnson&Johnson) From December 16, 2020: Major Concerns Over the Safety and Ethics of Pfizer From November 28, 2019: Jupiter in Capricorn and the Forced Vaccine Agenda Circle of Mamas blog: Sudden Death in Young People After COVID Vaccination


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