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Ceres and Persephone Conjunct the North Node of the Moon as the Nodes Shift Signs

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Dwarf planet Ceres in late Taurus and her daughter asteroid Persephone in early Gemini are currently moving retrograde in a tight conjunction to each other as they also conjunct the North Node of the Moon.

The Nodes of the Moon are about to change signs with the North Node entering Taurus and the South Node entering Scorpio on January 18, 2022. Ceres and Persephone will both station direct in January 2022 in tight conjunctions to each other and to the North Node of the Moon. This indicates that the themes surrounding this mother-daughter duo are very important as we orient ourselves to the new nodal axis, and this influence will continue over the next 18 months. What follows is an excerpt from an upcoming patron article on the subject, titled, "The North Node of the Moon Enters Taurus and South Node Enters Scorpio: The Bull and the Scorpion as Uneasy Allies." You can receive the full article and other in-depth articles like it by becoming a Willow's Web Astrology patron.

"Both Ceres, the dwarf planet associated with agriculture, nourishment, and the fertility of the Earth, and her daughter asteroid Persephone, unwitting (and unwilling) Queen of the Underworld, are stationing direct at the time of the nodal shift. Both bodies station direct in tight conjunction to each other and to the North Node of the Moon. This Ceres-Persephone conjunction has firm and lasting influence on our 18-month Taurus North Node path. The influence of Persephone, Pluto’s Queen, reinforces the importance of seeing, knowing, acknowledging, and addressing “what lies beneath.”

Ceres stations direct at 28 degrees Taurus on January 14, the same day as the Mercury retrograde station, and it forms an exact conjunction to the North Node, newly in Taurus, on January 31, 2022. This conjunction adds to the nurturing and protective elements discussed in this article. Under the Earth Mama dwarf planet’s fierce protective influence, we’re keeping things sane and stable in an effort to nurture ourselves and those around us. Ceres works to bring us all back to the land of the living.

At the same time, the potentially disturbing perspective Persephone brings from the Plutonic Underworld is critically important in informing our steps from here. Persephone is sharing some of this Underworldly information and insight with her mother, Ceres, and this meeting of the minds creates the beautiful, healing energy found in mutual understanding. Kidnapped by Pluto and forced to live half of each year in the Underworld as his Queen, Persephone holds a perspective that not many know or can fully comprehend.

Following Ceres’ direct station on January 14, Persephone stations direct at zero degrees Gemini on January 19, also in tight conjunction to the North Node of the Moon.

Following so many months of acute discomfort and difficulty, we’re creating relaxation, comfort, and mutual enjoyment (Taurus) to nourish our parched souls. The North Node shield provides even more important shelter for us under the mothering watch of Ceres. That said, the strong influence of Persephone in early Gemini at the time of the nodal shift indicates that we are required to mentally digest and integrate some very disturbing Underworldly information, context, and perspective if we are to be fully successful on our new North Node path.

Dwarf planet Ceres in late Taurus and daughter asteroid Persephone in early Gemini station direct in tight conjunction to the North Node of the Moon just as the Nodes change signs. This image shows Persephone’s direct station at zero degrees Gemini on January 19, 2022.

In light of the current context on Planet Earth, some of the most important insights Persephone brings from the Underworld involve the mRNA shot-related injuries and deaths that are currently being kept hush-hush within mainstream media and official narratives.

No matter which side of the ideological fence one sits on, I find it hard to believe that this information is unimportant or that it should be shunted aside as people are being coerced into getting these shots against their will by threat of losing their employment or by threat of near-constant discrimination and societal mistreatment.

As we enter the year of 2022, the United States Vaccine Adverse Event Reports (VAERS) related to the mRNA shots have surpassed one million. These are unprecedented numbers, and still, historically, official statistics only represent between 1% and 13% of real adverse events, as shown in the 2010 Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Lazarus Report.

A message from the OpenVAERS team:

“VAERS reached another grim milestone: 1,000,227 reports of injury following coronavirus vaccines. This is unprecedented in the history of the U.S. vaccine program. In the 31-year history of VAERS, there are 9,248 reports of fatalities following other vaccines. Since the start of the coronavirus vaccine campaign there have been 21,002 reports of death following coronavirus vaccines. 110,609 reports of hospitalization and 10,640 heart attacks following coronavirus vaccinations are also horrifying new records. Meanwhile CDC fixers Tom Shimabukuro and John Su spend their days working feverishly to try to make the signals go away. But the signals refuse to go away because the data is the data and millions of people are waking up to the truth that these products are dangerous. Every day of the last two years has been heartbreaking. The only silver lining is that so many of you share the data with others and in the process bring forward the day when justice shall be done.

The OpenVAERS Team” Source: OpenVAERS

Based on these “warning signal” numbers, the real number of injuries could easily count in the tens of millions worldwide with more than one million permanent disabilities and deaths.

As a pharmaceutical-injured person who was permanently debilitated by an antibiotic deemed “perfectly safe” by the medical system, I would be remiss if I did not provide “the other side of the story” and if I did not help to provide a voice for the shot-injured, who are currently being ignored, denied, and dismissed within mainstream institutions and official narratives.

This is Persephone’s voice, and she deserves to be heard.

Shot-injured people and those grieving loved ones who died following the shots have now been dramatically initiated into Plutonic awareness - into an awareness of what lies beneath the surface narratives and what critical information is being left out of those narratives. They now live daily realities that are denied by the surface dwellers. I know these realities well.

Again, Persephone stationing direct at zero degrees Gemini on January 19, in tight conjunction to Ceres and the North Node, indicates that the Underworld perspective and experience are being brought to the surface, no matter how ugly this perspective and experience may be.

People all over the world, this anarchist astro-reporter included, are being treated like sub-human, second-class citizens because of their personal health choices and their exertion of body autonomy. People who would most certainly be harmed or killed by the shots (myself included) are being shamed, ostracized, mocked, intimidated, threatened, and discriminated against on a daily basis. We have been shut out of much of society while others cheer this on. We have been denied medical and other necessary services. People have lost their jobs, careers, businesses, incomes, savings, homes, and ability to travel – even domestically in Canada – all because they know the shot is not right for them, and they will not be forced or coerced.

This is grand-scale criminality. These are crimes against humanity being committed by people in positions of illegitimate authoritarian power, in collusion all around the world. Let’s be very clear about what’s going on.

At the same time, with the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio, we’re looking for the path that requires the least amount of emotional, psychological, and energetic recovery time. In other words, we aren’t actively going out to stir any pots or to blast anyone with disturbing Plutonic realities. We’ll throw down if we need to, and we’ll defend our own territory and sovereignty (including body sovereignty), but we’ll do it in as simple and matter-of-fact a way as possible.

We’re very much looking to conserve energy after almost two years of artificially heightened crisis state. The South Node in Scorpio knows what lies beneath, and because of this, it creates a certain magnetic draw into the darkest corners, the most contentious points, and the most confrontational scenarios. Scorpio pushes the boundaries and even annihilates the boundaries altogether if it feels it necessary. But boundaries truly are sacred with the North Node in Taurus. We’re taking another tack, a less disruptive tack, as we work Plutonic awareness gradually and gently and matter-of-factly into the overall scene.

If you feel like going for the jugular in an argument, if you feel like going nuclear on someone’s ass to get a point across, please reconsider. With the North Node in Taurus, there will almost always be a better and more effective way. With Venus as key influence over our soul-driven path forward, maintaining social stability, decorum, congeniality, harmony, and mutual respect are key goals, even when coming into contact with people whose values and worldviews are wildly different from our own.

Think carefully before you lay down a steaming pile of Plutonic reality that you know will disturb, scare, or anger others. It might not be worth the energy expenditure, and there could very well be a more appreciative audience elsewhere…

Taurus is a patient sign. Scorpio can be quite impatient. We’re over-riding urges to force the issue and taking a more gradual approach.

No truth that is buried stays buried forever.

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Dr. Richard Urso talking about the explosion of cancer cases and reactivation of latent viruses following the mRNA shots

I've also seen Dr. Byram Bridle and Dr. Sucharit Bhakti talking about this phenomenon.

Dr. Bridle:

Dr. Bhakti:

"And you all must know that there's an explosion of cancer and tumours now among the vaccinated, which no one understands, but it's the same principle. The lymphocytes in the body are responsible for keeping tumour cells under control, and these tumour cells arise every day, every hour, in your body, and if you don't control them, you are going to be the target."

All Cause Mortality Following the CV mRNA shots:

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