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A Pattern of Denial, Dismissal, and Gaslighting in the Medical System (mRNA Shots)

Updated: May 3

As written about in a previous article, health and healing-related asteroids Asclepius and Panacea are currently in a conjunction in late Libra. Asclepius-Panacea in Libra are also forming square aspects to Pluto Rx at 25 degrees Capricorn.

Under these astrological influences, we're seeing the deadly and damaging (Pluto) effects of a corporate (Capricorn) global health panacea (Asclepius-Panacea) with an increasingly coercive campaign attempting to force this false panacea on unwilling people. The asteroid Panacea holds domain over the theme: what heals or helps one person can seriously harm or even kill another person.

In other words, there is no real panacea, no true universal cure. Attempting to force this type of false panacea for profit-based or control-based reasons will have disastrous and deadly consequences - consequences we're now seeing around the world.

The injuries and deaths being caused around the world by the experimental gene therapy shots are being covered up and ignored by media, government, and much of the medical system.

"Not vaccine related" and "no direct correlation" are the common refrains while scores of healthy, young people drop dead or suddenly become disabled after receiving the shots. Large social media groups related to injuries and deaths following the Covid shots have been deleted on Facebook. People who have been injured and disabled following the shot have been censored from sharing their own stories on social media platforms. Whistleblower doctors have been threatened, censored, professionally censured, fired, or stripped of their medical licenses for going against the enforced official narrative. Asclepius-Panacea in Libra indicates a theme of health-related justice. To these ends, I've compiled information from online testimonials that shows a pattern of denial, dismissal, and gaslighting from the medical system in relation to the injuries and deaths that have followed the Covid shots.

This type of denial, dismissal, and gaslighting is not the exclusive domain of the experimental gene therapy. No, indeed. This pattern is seen extensively in the medical system when it attempts to cover up or downplay adverse reactions and iatrogenic (physician-caused) illnesses and deaths. This pattern is also seen with illnesses the medical establishment doesn't understand or know how to treat. Iatrogenic (physician-caused) illnesses and deaths are epidemic at this time, fueled intensely by the profit-driven antics and influence of Big Pharma. Iatrogenic deaths are in the top three causes of death in the United States, and some say (due to massive under-reporting of adverse reactions) they are the leading cause of death.

The people who have been injured by the Covid shots are just the newest initiates into the Hell of iatrogenic injury and disability - a most often denied reality. This is a Hell that hundreds of millions of people around the world know or have known, including this astro-reporter. The attempt to cover up and suppress the injuries and deaths from the Covid shots is just the most recent area of cover up and suppression when it comes to adverse reactions and iatrogenic injuries and deaths.

As we expose the cover up and suppression related to the Covid shots, we expose a broader sociological theme, a broader systemic problem that runs through the medical establishment. When we apply the Plutonic sociological imagination, we see that the personal Hell of the injured and disabled is part of a broader, collective or sociological Hell that has ensnared hundreds of millions of people on Earth. This is a broader, collective or sociological Hell that has been created by putting corporate profits ahead of health, healing, and people's best interests.

Pluto relates to detrimental patterns that play out again and again until we gain the necessary awareness to expose them and end them. As Asclepius and Panacea in Libra clash with Pluto Rx in Capricorn, we must actively strive for health-related justice in the face of a monstrous globalized scheme. This includes the reinforcement of personal body sovereignty and the right to choose whether or not we receive any medical treatment, including the Covid shots.

The voices and stories of the real people affected are shared here as a step toward health-based justice. They are shared in an effort to increase Plutonic awareness so we can protect from the damage being caused by a medical system that has been overrun by Big Pharma and Alphabet Agency (UN, WHO, CDC, etc.) influence. It should be noted that people have regularly been advised by their doctors to get the second shot even after reporting side effects and symptoms following the first shot.

Two hundred testimonials from Covid shot victims can be seen here.

This information was compiled from the testimonials (typos included): - "I ended up at the emergency room on May 24th with severe pain, fatigue and difficulty breathing. I was told everything checked out fine, but I could stay in the hospital for observation. I left thinking maybe I was crazy. Two days later my symptons were worse and including trouble seeing, dizziness and I could no longer walk. My husband drove me to Mayo Emergency...They told me everything was fine, but I could stay for observation which I did. I was there for 2 nights. They discharged me with plans to see a Rheumatologist. I couldn't walk but, they said I didn't need any Physical Therapy...It seems that doctors are being told to deny that anything is happening and we aren't getting the help we need. This has been a scary and extremely lonely experience with all of the censorship. We need to be heard and recognized in order to both get the help we need for ourselves and get these adverse reactions documented and researched." - "I'm a Chiropractor in Rhode Island. I've seen several adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccinations...The second patient was a male in his early 60's who was brought in by his wife to be adjusted after the second dose of Pfizer. He was so dizzy and nauseous that I was unable to adjust him because he simply couldn't lay on his back. When he attempted to do so he began vomiting uncontrollably into the waste paper basket in the room. I sent him to the ER where they told him it wasn't related to the vaccine, refused to report it to VAERS, and sent him home to 'rest for a few days'...I am very concerned about the continued use of these vaccines but when I tried to inform my patients of my findings in the office, I literally had hate mail sent back to me and patients threatened to leave the practice if I persisted in 'discouraging the vaccine'." - "My 73 year old father suffered a stroke in January 2021 five hours after his first injection...We decided the vaccine as the reason and rushed him to the ER where they found a large clot in his brain. He spent a few days in the hospital and came home to recover. He previously saw a cardiologist because he had some benign heart issues that they wanted to monitor. His cardiologist said he may have suffered A fib which caused the clot. He discounted the vaccine as the trigger. The ER doctor also discounted the vaccine as the cause for this sudden onset. He was then implanted with a heart device to monitor heart function. He had it placed for 8 weeks which showed not one episode of A fib. We are convinced the moderna vaccine triggered a blood clot which caused the stroke. We have notified VAERS but have never begun contacted for more information on his condition. The drug companies either don’t care or are hiding behind the immunity from being responsible for causing serious and disabling conditions." - "Most of us just have to deal with it and live in a desert where most of the medical community dismisses the fact that the vaccine caused it and it’s something else but they can’t say what. It’s really hard to find treatment for something that the medical community is not investigating or researching." - "Like many, I've reached out to doctors and their assessment is it's likely stress/anxiety related. I have a difficult time believing that as this all started for me after receiving the vaccine and I've never been diagnosed with any mental health issue before and my life is stable. All my tests (bloodwork, CT scan, ECG, MRI) have come back normal. If I even mention the possible connection to the vaccine to a healthcare provider, it gets completely brushed aside - that my issues must be related to something else and the timing is just a coincidence...There is nowhere to report adverse effects directly as in Canada, it needs to be done through a health care provider. This is where I've hit a brick wall. It would be helpful if the health care providers I've seen would take my experience seriously and submit a report on my behalf but it's hard when they either don't know me, or don't believe it could be related to the vaccine." - "Doctors will not even touch saying something about the vaccine. One doctor asked why is it so important to know exactly what this illness is as long as we’re working on getting you cured. My answer was, “WHY, come on, should I get the Covid 19 booster when the time comes? Would you?" - "After getting Pfizer vaccination, I got Panic Attack,developed anxiety, brain fog, concentration issues, electric shock kind of sensations in the whole body, headaches which do not go away even after taking medicines. I went to see the doctor after my panic attack and told her that this has happened after getting Pfizer vaccination but she did not believe and said that we do not have enough data to believe you that it happened because of Pfizer vaccination...I had reported to Pfizer, CDC & FDA but got no help and support." - "Third visit for physical exam with PCP [primary care physician]. She tried to tell me my symptoms weren't related to the vaccine and I could have MS and wants to start with brain MRI and all the tests that everybody else here has said has turned up nothing. All other labs and tests so far are great and show nothing." - "But the allergic reactions continued daily and I went to the ER several more times because of it. I was told I had anxiety, and was given Ativan." - "Finally saw doctor and Misdiagnosed at ER as pneumonia and not vaccine related, I told them that was incorrect." - "The ER helped with the nausea via IV and I got a prescription for melt-in-your mouth nausea pills. I continued to use those off and on for most of 2 months. All of my basic blood tests came back normal. They sent me home with a prescription for a muscle relaxant and said that they did not know what to do about adverse reactions to the mRNA vaccines." - "This specialist withdrew the GBS diagnoses, writing in her report that she believed my symptoms were likely psychological in nature. All of my bloodwork comes back normal, my thyroid markers are all healthy. My GP doesn't know what is happening and seems to have given up on looking. I was unable to finish the school year at work. I use a power wheelchair in order to be able to go 3 minutes away from my bed and a neck brace to hold my head up in the chair. My kind and loving husband has to do everything, including brush my hair for me. I cannot sustain any kind of muscle contraction and none of the symptoms have bated. I have had a headache for 67 straight and counting. I am not ok. I also feel tossed aside, brushed under the rug, and dismissed, while my life has been turned upside down." - "All of this came on about 4 to 5 days after receiving my first dose of the Moderna vaccine. I told them that each time and everybody dismissed the idea that the vaccine had anything to do with how I was feeling." - "The FD showed up and came inside and took T’s blood pressure and heart rate. They told us they didn’t want to take him because his vitals were good and the ER was really busy and they would be stuck there for hours and he probably wouldn’t be admitted. I told them this is a reaction from the vaccine because T is healthy and besides asthma has never been sick this long. They ignored our information and left...I got the call approx 4:30 from my 17yo L that T was dead." - "I have reported to VAERS, FDA, CDC, Pfizer, and have not received follow up from any of these governing bodies that are supposed to be overseeing the vaccine safety and side effects with no return follow up." - "One of the things that upsets me the most is I have only been contacted by the CDC 1 time last December and not heard a word from anyone since. Nobody is talking about the negative side effects the vaccine can cause. We need research done in regards to how to help those of us that have these debilitating side effects." - "I reported my symptoms to VSAFE. Thinking they would want to contact me to discuss my symptoms. I thought I can't be the only one. They will want to collect information to study, but I never did hear from them." - "It wasn’t until my [symptoms] worsened (Bell’s palsy, blurriness, heart palpitations, untriggered panic attacks) that I went to Union Memorial hospital in Baltimore, MD. I was prescribed steroids and valaciclovir (antiviral medication) and informed that the vaccine most likely did not play a causal role in these [symptoms]...I am skeptical whether this was reported to the CDC as most of the physicians I’ve seen say it had nothing to do with the vaccine." - "I have not been taken seriously by doctors when I link my worsening of symptoms to the vaccine...All bloodwork has been normal, and very little was detected in multiple heart workups (I've been to the ER 3x and to a cardiologist for additional testing)." - "I am a registered nurse, was healthy before vax...I have not sought medical help as i know I will be dismissed."

- "My body was shaking while taking the Chest X-ray, and I had increasing pressure in back by bra strap on left side, The ER personal blamed the uncomfortable bed I was on or possible housework had pulled back muscle. I kept saying I felt fine before vaccine...At the doctor’s visit, his advice was to get second vaccine and to follow up with cardiologist...The following week with cardiologist PA, she explained that it was my immune system to blame for my symptoms, not the vaccine. As I politely said,” I understand”, I was thinking my immune system would not be reacting this way, if my body wasn’t introduced to the vaccine...Thank you for this site where we can tell our symptoms, and hopefully someone will compile the symptoms to help others and educate doctors...Doctors aren’t educated on Covid vaccine reactions and treatments." - "After a week of this very disturbing behavioural change, I again called her doctor. But he said that he had seen this sort of thing before. As he gets about 5 or 6 patients daily reporting the same sort of thing after the jab...The doctors at that crazy hospital never accepted that the jab was responsible for the adverse reaction. They were only too eager to find a C0VID positive result to blame for her condition. I lost all faith in that hospital on that day. Funny how in one day, going from having zero symptoms of C0VID, no cough, no shortness of breath, no fever, and suddenly being C0VID positive. Does this make any sense to anyone? A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from the same clinic where she got her first injection for her 2nd dose. This is how shameless these people are, knowing full well that she had been hospitalized after the first injection. I had made a complaint with them." - "Little had begun stuttering really bad and she was having uncontrollable head movements. She looked like someone who has Parkinson’s. She had never stuttered or had these “tics” before. After 2 nights in the hospital and numerous tests, she was sent home with no improvement and we were told that it was a “nervous tic” and she needed to see mental health. We asked several times if it could be the vaccine and we were ignored until one dr told us that he had no idea what it was, but it was absolutely not the vaccine and we couldn’t blame everything on that. We had to argue with them to refer her to a neurologist. 2weeks later we finally saw the neurologist and we were told that she had Functional Movement disorder, and that it was “related to the vaccine, but not vaccine related”. And that it is an “extremely rare” side effect. (While researching, I have found that it is not so rare). But the neurologist said that they had seen a lot of this." - "Several high school age children I know have missed a week or more of school due to adverse reactions and illness immediately following getting the shot. I fear for them each day because they were lead to believe it was the “safe” and “right thing to do,” by adults charged with their care, including the local school district which is advertising the shots and not requiring parents to accompany their children when they show up to get injected. The media has been bought and are NOT telling the truth." - "I contacted the physician office, which told me I was probably dehydrated and to get the upcoming second shot. The night before the second shot was due, I had twitching all through both my legs, I couldn’t see adding more of this vaccine to my body. With any other medicine, Doctors would advise to stop whatever medicine and to list It as an allergy. I don’t understand how this should be any different." - "At the ER they did multiple of EKG's, chest X-rays, 2 CT scans, and lots of blood work. They said all is ok, and discharge me. I finally stop going to the ER because they are not trying to figure out to root of my problem." - "My PCP sent me to ER which I went to JGMCH and they did abd CT and blood work and said there was no fluid/ abnormalities and nothing was wrong after mistaking me for a woman being in labor/ late pregnancy...Went to see cardiologist who said everything checked out nothing other than sinus tachycardia which he thought was from the breathing stuff I was having." - "Thankfully, doctors have believed me, but they have not been able to help me. All they've been able to do so far is to rule out other conditions and causes." - "I reached out to Moderna to tell them what happened and they are useless. I talked to Moderna four separate times and each time the said they would follow up with and send me information to fill out, but they never did! Moderna is a joke. I want the world to know what is really going on with theses vaccines. The government is covering this up." - "I went to two different immunologists, a neurologist, and an infection control doctor. The immunologists put me on steroids which didn't help. That was all they could offer me as far as help. The neurologist did bloodwork and I tested positive for an autoimmune disorder but they don't know why because all the other inflammatory blood tests were negative and she said that doesn't make sense. She also gave me an ultrasound of my arm to make sure I didn't have a blood clot since my veins were unusually bulging out. I did not have a blood clot. The infectious disease doctor offered no help. I was told by all of the different doctors I've seen that they are all making it up as they go along and that they don't really understand how the vaccines work." - "I have reported these adverse events to everyone, Doctors, Government, I've been to the ER so many times only to be sent home after being Gas-Lit and made to believe this is all in my mind and it's anxiety. They tell me they can't help me, and don't know what to do because the vaccine is experimental. I am on disability now and still waiting to see an Internist, but the wait time could be months. My nurse practitioner tries to help but we both feel helpless and I am scared. I live alone and have no one to lean on for support. I'm frustrated, and very angry. There is no help for those of us who have been cast aside as Collateral Damage. I wish I had said no to that first shot....I will Not be getting the second one!" - "My drs brushed all of the symptoms off and said to let it play it out. I did not want to get the vaccine but was pressured by my work and doctors to get it." - "My neuro ophthalmologist and retina specialist told me they see patients all the time with eye problems after vaccine." - "I have been in an out of the hospital, doctor's visits and specialist appointments and no one seems to be able to help me or they just deny my experience all together." - "I got sent home with no treatment no medication to help with the convulsions and they asked if I had a wheelchair? Nope.. I was normal. All my testing came back normal. Genetic , spinal. Etc. at this point I just want the medical staff to take this serious and stop making us a joke." - "Why are we being ignored? All we are asking for are answers? To be recognized that these adverse reactions are real. We are the real statistics. We are the real data yet we are being censored!" - "After 5 days in the hospital and consultations with neurologist, retinal specialist, rheumatologist, etc,, not one professional asked if she had taken the covid "vaccine." They seem to not want to discuss it, saying there are no confirmed studies of any side effects. I want this information out there, as many other may have suffered similar fate and we will never know, as no one in the medical industry is asking the questions." - "I mentioned I had recently had my vaccine and the eye doctor and my primary care did not feel it was related and dismissed it." - "Answers. None. Compensation for medical expenses. None. Continued medical support. None." - "My doctor has advised me that I should go ahead with the second vaccination. Unable to guarantee the periods will go back to normal and the spotting g will stop. Apparently that is less risky than Covid. Word is,(from my doctor) this side effect may be a really good sign of immune response." - "To this day, I do not have a diagnosis and have not found physicians in my community who know anything about what has happened to me. I have reported my symptoms multiple times to VAERS, Pfizer, the FDA, CDC with no response." - "Neurologist #1 wanted to test me for everything MS and refused to correlate my symptoms with the vaccine. She told me to take the 2nd dose “and see what happens.”" - "An immunologist told me it was not an allergic reaction and advised me 2nd shot was safe. The 2nd dose made me significantly worse." - "I was discharged as having panic disorder...I had 3 urgent care visits and saw 2 different primary care providers who all said it was anxiety. During this time I was also seeking help from a psychologist and on 3/30, she told me that what I'm experiencing isn't anxiety and to go back to my doctor for help...I really feel like these reactions need to be made public and shared so people know the possible side effects."

- "My blood pressure was super low (I am typically low but this was lower than normal), the doctors at ER were dismissive to all of my symptoms. They said “even if it’s from the vaccine, we don’t know how to treat it”...I have been to a neurologist, cardiologist, Pulmonologist and no one knows enough about the symptoms or vaccine to help me." - "I filed a report with VAERS. CDC text weekly for an update. I have never received any response from CDC regarding the VAERS report or the weekly updates I send to them. I also called Moderna within days of the vaccination. They really didn’t offer much. They said they can’t give medical advice." - "Five days after the shot I began to experience numbness in my toe for hours and tingling and dullness in my left calf. The next day I put a call into my primary care doctor and she stated that my toe “must’ve just fallen asleep” and she did not believe it or anything else but the fatigue was from the vaccine." - "She has been to the ER twice and seen her PCP many times and a neurologist. All of which have either said it’s a panic attack, she needs physical therapy or that there is nothing Abnormal for her age." - "My family doctor had nothing to offer except a wait-and-see approach. Not critical of her. She doesn't have any answers right now either." - "I reached out to the CDC, VAERS, Moderna, and the NIH. I have seen multiple doctors from my PCP to my neurologist and no one has any answers or has been able to help." - "My first primary doctor appointment was a total waste of time. She tried convincing me I was just experiencing anxiety and apprehension about getting my shot, though I knew this wasn’t true. The doctor prescribed me Xanax and Celexa. I ended up in the ER for extreme fatigue and nausea, irregular heartbeat and low blood pressure. ER nurses told me I was fine and that my body was just “fighting hard with the vaccine” and that everything would pass." - "Urgent Care and Emergency Room doctors basically ignored my statements that these symptoms are related to the vaccine. All bloodwork and tests came back normal." - "All the doctors I have seen have offered no help because they say the vaccine effects are unknown. We need somebody to take this on and find treatments." - "On average I speak with 1-3 people a day who claim they are having serious side effects from the vaccine...I have only asked two of my coworkers if they are hearing the same complaints I am as questioning the vaccine is frowned upon and I can't afford to get fired. Both agreed with between 1-3 a day is the current frequency and the most common side effects we hear are those listed above. That number has been increasing in frequency and intensity of complaint over the past two months." - "As a data person, I searched the VARES data base and did not see my situation in the database. I personally added my experience for first the anaphylaxis and a second one for the hives. I was initially told that my vares report on my anaphylaxis reaction was 3 weeks after my first shot and therefore not considered related." - "I work in a hospital as a phlebotomist. I have seen many patients come in the hospital with different bleeding disorders that did not have any bleeding disorders before...To keep myself from losing my job I don’t tell them I think it was the vaccination even though I know it was." - "I saw multiple doctors who all prescribed meds, but had no idea how to treat it bc of the lack of information. I called Pfizer and reported to Vaers, but got no help." - "People who know and even love us like to refute that this was related to the vaccine, even though the physicians all tell us they can’t find anything else to blame. We are sick of being silenced and made to feel like this is all in our heads. I am a registered nurse and told every day that I should be “trusting science” and “set a good example,” but I almost lost my husband and am unable to encourage this vaccine for myself or anyone!" - "Since then , I went once to ER, because the right side of my face got swelled, tingling and numb, I had heavy chest pain. I also could not move my right arm due to pain and very painful and inflamed vein…very weird…They diagnosed me with parasthesia and told me they have no idea why I feel like this." - "As of now I've had to move in with my daughter, can't see, can only hear on one side, have severe migraines, have tremors and muscle spasms and I'm in a wheelchair due to no mobility at all! Nobody will help me and I'm getting the runaround with everyone who I try to contact for help." - "just wanted to report that a family member recently passed away from a brain aneurysm 2 weeks after receiving the Covid vaccination. He was previously very healthy. I have not seen his death reported in the VAERS database, and I am wondering how many more like him are out there: unreported victims of the Covid vaccine." - "I told my neurologist this is not my MS, this is due to the shot. She disagreed and ordered mris. My MRIs have been clear for the last 12 years. And surprise surprise they still are." - "Although at first, my doctors were reluctant to associate the stroke with the vaccine, they conducted extensive blood tests, scans, MRIs, ultra sounds and heart imaging in an attempt to find any other cause. They haven’t found a single other contributing risk factor." - "I told 3 doctors and each changes the subject instead of listening. I just came back from testing at neurologist and all he said is I have a neuropathy with no known cause." - "I’ve been to the ER where they want to diagnosed me with migraines and give me pain meds which nothing has worked. Finally after having tests done showing that I have diffuse brain dysfunction and inflammation in my brain. The hard part is finding doctors that will make a correlation between the two. Nobody wants to blame the vaccine." - "There are some medical professionals who agree that this is probably a reaction to the vaccine, but there is no way to prove it. Most of the doctors have refused to blame the vaccine." - "As was mentioned in the news conference, after being dismissed by doctors, we have had to turn to doing our own research and trying to find anything possible to help ease the symptoms of this debilitating situation." - "I’ve friends whom within weeks of receiving the vaccine and have suffered everything from seizures, strokes to collapsing in the driveway after a short walk with the dog. All of whom were told that this had nothing to do with the vaccine. I’m not buying it." - "I am letting you know about my situation because I am not the only one like me.....And that pressuring your friends, family, strangers and neighbors to get the shot has to stop. Whether you get it or don’t, it is your choice just know if you have a severe reaction like I did, you may find the medical community has their hands tied and information on how to help us is being silenced or does not exist. Or you could have a doctor that says it could not be the shot and it must be coincidence. Educate yourself....I wish I had researched more before taking the “free” shot." - "Though my daughters symptoms are nowhere near the sufferings I have seen here, they are still concerning. My heart tells me it is vaccine related. The medical field says otherwise." - "I’ve been telling my story on Instagram since day one when metal was sticking to me… and Instagram is trying very hard to delete me. I filmed all of my experience in and out of hospital." - "The CDC had deserted us and is constantly moving and changing the site to make it difficult to report my issues. I know I was near death and they do not want anyone to know the dangers with the shot. I am angry with the WHO, CDC, and government involvement in our medical data!" - "I saw my PCP, Gynecologist, ENT doctor, and a neurologist, but since my brain MRI, Pelvic CT, hearing and balance tests and blood work were all normal, They were not able to find anything. They mostly said that if it was vaccine related, it would go away on its own." - " I went to the ER again that evening, they suggested anxiety or a lack of B12, but ran no tests." - " I told my doc that it started after the Vaccine but was told that the Vaccine couldn't be the cause." - "My doctor now shrugs his shoulders and won’t admit to it being the vaccine—but recommended not getting the second shot. I feel if I took the second shot it would kill me." - "It was been 2 months now and I am confined to the upper floor of my house because any physical activity triggers the flare ups. I am frustrated and no one in Canada seem to take this seriously."

UPDATES ON UNITED STATES VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) DATA

See regularly updated statistics here: OpenVAERS (This is for the United States only.)

Historically, official statistics represent between 1% and 13% of actual adverse reactions.

"Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but underreported. Although 25% of ambulatory patients experience an adverse drug event, less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of “problem” drugs and vaccines that endanger public health. New surveillance methods for drug and vaccine adverse effects are needed. Barriers to reporting include a lack of clinician awareness, uncertainty about when and what to report, as well as the burdens of reporting: reporting is not part of clinicians’ usual workflow, takes time, and is duplicative. Proactive, spontaneous, automated adverse event reporting imbedded within EHRs and other information systems has the potential to speed the identification of problems with new drugs and more careful quantification of the risks of older drugs."


  • 1,287,593 adverse events

  • 28,532 deaths

  • 53,200 permanently disabled

  • 31,856 life threatening

  • 41,645 severe allergic reaction

  • 41,423 myocarditis/pericarditis

  • 4,690 miscarriages


  • 595,620 adverse events

  • 13,068 deaths

  • 17,228 permanently disabled

  • 13,812 life threatening

  • 25,169 severe allergic reaction

  • 4,861 myocarditis/pericarditis

  • 1,607 miscarriages


  • 545,337 adverse events

  • 12,366 deaths

  • 14,251 permanently disabled

  • 23,354 severe allergic reaction

  • 3,728 myocarditis/pericarditis

  • 1,381 miscarriages


  • 518,769 adverse events

  • 11,940 deaths

  • 12,808 permanently disabled

  • 11,199 life threatening

  • 22,286 severe allergic reaction

  • 3,201 myocarditis/pericarditis

  • 1,272 miscarriages


There were almost 2,000 additional deaths recorded in a period of two days between July 7 to July 9. There were close to 2,000 additional reports recorded in the same time period of people becoming disabled following the shot. Almost 4,000 additional deaths and have been recorded in a two-week period since the update on June 25, 2021.

  • 463,456 adverse event reports

  • 10,991 deaths

  • 9,274 disabled

  • 8,832 life threatening

  • 19,814 severe allergic reaction

  • 2,466 myocarditis/pericarditis

  • 1,073 miscarriages


More than 2,000 additional deaths recorded since the previous update on June 25, 2021.

  • 438,440 adverse event reports

  • 9,048 deaths

  • 7,463 disabled

  • 7,823 life threatening

  • 19,105 severe allergic reaction

  • 2,200 myocarditis/pericarditis

  • 985 miscarriages


  • 411,931 adverse events

  • 6,985 deaths

  • 5,852 disabled

  • 6,899 life threatening

  • 1,930 myocarditis/pericarditis


  • 411,931 adverse events

  • 6,985 deaths

  • 5,852 disabled

  • 6,899 life threatening

  • 1,930 myocarditis/pericarditis


Genocide Blog - covering sudden and unexpected deaths following the mRNA shot rollout, as well as "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" 

Hello Dave - an independent person from the United Kingdom who is documenting the sudden deaths since the mRNA shot rollout began

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More evidence of medical malpractice, denial, dismissal, and gaslighting related to the mRNA shots and injuries:

"When it comes to medical care nobody wants to acknowledge that my injury is from the vaccine. Everyone just says that it has to be a coincidence. I stopped telling people about my experience, because they started telling me I was wrong and that it wasn’t possible."

- Yvonne Prieto, 15 years old

"It took me going through several to find someone who would even listen to me and take me seriously when I said vaccine side effects. I have been gaslighted so many times and dismissed as overly dramatic, treated as if I don't now what I am talking about. I have…

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