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Asclepius-Panacea Conjunction in Libra and Health-Related Justice

Updated: May 3

This is an excerpt from the July 25, 2021 patron article, "Healing Asteroids and Centaurs: Chariklo, Asclepius, Hygeia, Panacea, and Aegle."

ASCLEPIUS is considered a god of medicine and the healing arts. He was the son of Apollo - also a healer - and a mortal woman named Coronis. Asclepius had wonderful and powerful healing gifts and was widely recognized for them. He healed many people and was even able to bring people back from the dead. The snake-entwined Rod of Asclepius remains a symbol of medicine today. Asclepius had five daughters who were healers themselves: Iaso (goddess of recuperation from illness); Aceso (goddess of the healing process); Aegle (goddess of radiant good health); Hygeia (goddess of hygiene and cleanliness); and Panacea (goddess of the universal remedy). The original Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians began with the invocation, "I swear, calling upon Apollo the physician and Asclepius, Hygeia and Panacea and all the gods and goddesses as witnesses, that I will fulfill this oath and this contract according to my ability and judgment.” PANACEA is one of Asclepius’ daughters and is known as the goddess of the universal remedy. (Though I’m personally unsure if true universal remedies exist!) Panacea is associated with medicines that will cure most people. The go-to remedies. The cure-alls. Panacea is associated with near-universal cures but also with the problem of certain medicines being applied as blanket cure-alls when they do not work for everyone and may actually harm some people. Panacea holds domain over the theme: what heals or helps one person can seriously harm another person.

Asclepius formed an exact conjunction with his daughter-asteroid Panacea on July 19, 2021 at 20 degrees Libra. What we are seeing at this time is a particular remedy (the experimental gene therapy shots) being put forth as a panacea, as a universal remedy, when it is far from a universal solution. This conjunction brings up a lack of fairness (Libra) when attempting to force a treatment with definite dangers on all people. For some people (including this pharmaceutical-injured astro-reporter), the supposed remedy is more dangerous than the ailment it claims to cure. The supposed remedy holds more risk than the virus. In most cases, the legitimate reasons for refusing the shot are not being acknowledged in the public realm. Almost across the board, informed consent has not been achieved. People were not warned about the potential dangers of the shots before they were administered, and they were not informed about the lack of knowledge on long-term effects. Libra is a sign symbolized by the scales. It relates to issues of fairness, weighing the options, and justice. Under the Asclepius-Panacea conjunction in Libra, we’re seeing issues pertaining to health-related (Asclepius-Panacea) justice (Libra), and indeed, those who are attempting to force this gene therapy on all people are being sued in various courts of law at this time. In fact, I was amazed to realize that the most recent lawsuit was filed by America’s Frontline Doctors against the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on July 19, 2021 – on the very day that Asclepius and Panacea came together in exact conjunction at 20 degrees Libra. The lawsuit demands that, in light of the known injuries and deaths and in light of safer treatment options available, the HHS immediately halt the emergency use authorization of the Covid-19 shots. In particular, the lawsuit alleges that young people are at more risk from the shots than they are from the virus. So here we see a remedy with known dangers and the attempt to force it as a global panacea - and we also see the use of the court system as a method to stop that forced panacea. You can read more about the lawsuit filed under the exact Asclepius-Panacea conjunction in Libra here.

Asclepius will transit Scorpio from August 5 to September 24, 2021. Panacea will transit Scorpio from August 27 to November 19, 2021. Scorpio is a powerful healing sign, but it is also a sign that can be very contentious, involving elements of suppression, secrets, denial, and abuse. Scorpio is a sign related to poisoning and death. The injuries and deaths being caused by the experimental shots could be coming to the surface in intensified ways during the transits of Asclepius and Panacea in Scorpio. Efforts to cover up the injuries and deaths or to keep this information out of the public discourse and off mainstream media may also be exposed. The most recent update of the United States Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) up to July 16, 2021 shows 491,217 adverse event reports following the shots, which includes:

- 11,405 deaths - 11,221 disabled - 10,224 life threatening - 4,381 heart attacks - 2,833 myocarditis/pericarditis - 1,172 miscarriages - 20,958 severe allergic reactions

It has been established that official statistics on adverse drug reactions historically represent between 1% and 13% of real adverse events. These statistics – covering the United States only – represent only the tip of the iceberg as far as shot-related injuries and deaths worldwide. You can monitor VAERS updates here.

These statistics are not meant to frighten anyone who has had the shots. They’re offered to show the other side of the story, which is not being covered in mainstream media or provided by establishment figureheads. These numbers are offered to illustrate some of the legitimate reasons people have for refusing the shots. Making the very real dangers of the shots known provides protection for the right to choose. The only narrative currently being allowed in mainstream media is the heavily pro-shot official narrative, and truly insane coercive measures are now being used to attempt to force people to get the shots against their will. As Asclepius and Panacea transit Scorpio, we could see the intensification of coercion, manipulation, dirty tricks, and abuses of power designed to force people to get the shot.

Remedies that cure (Asclepius/Panacea) one person can be toxic, poisonous, or deadly (Scorpio) to another person. For this reason, there is no true panacea, no true universal cure. We will continue to see the unfortunate consequences of this misguided attempt at a panacea solution well into the future.


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