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The Pluto in Virgos Take Position and Pluto Square Pluto for the Pluto in Libra Generation

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

This is an article I first published on the blog on February 1, 2012. Now ten years in, the Pluto in Virgo generation is holding many of the top positions of power. Transiting Neptune is in the final years of its transit of Pisces, in opposition to the natal Pluto in Virgo placements of that generation, and transiting Pluto is in the final years of its transit of Capricorn, in square aspect to the natal Pluto in Libra placements of that generation.

From February 1, 2012:

New Catalytic Position for the Pluto in Virgos

Throughout 2012, potent transits are placing members of the Pluto in Virgo generation in new catalytic position as the Transition Team out of the structural set-ups currently held in place by Pluto in Leos (born 1937 to 1957), now entering retirement and semi-retirement. Certain members of the Pluto in Virgo generation are working, literally, to change (Pluto) the system (Virgo). Others are doing their damnedest to support and lock down more of the same male-dominated hierarchy and illegitimacy in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Recall that there is a whole crop of current Global Governors with natal Pluto in Virgo (born 1956 to 1972), with many more clamouring to rise within the ranks, and they all have their prudent and practical plans (always involving many, many sacrificial lambs) out of the chaos we so conveniently find ourselves in. Members of the Pluto in Virgo generation are responsible, in part, for analyzing and addressing deep, systemic dysfunction. Virgo is a sign with a highly-sensitive responsiveness, and it generally requires the same in return. As we are currently working within Pluto in Capricorn structures almost entirely unresponsive and non-adaptive to input, the difficulties for this generation are clearly apparent. The Pluto in Virgos who would like to see a free humanity and improved living conditions on this planet will work to create new systems, transforming human work out of current variations of drudgery, slavery, toxicity, and eroding inhumanity and into something meaningful, integrated, and healthful. The true transformative power (Pluto) of the workers (Virgo) comes to the forefront with this generation. True-to-the-core members of this generation are assigned the task of applying holistic principles to our ways of doing things, especially in work and business. A tall order. They have the immense job of bringing the lofty, often theoretical, and mostly dissipated (or at least latent) ideals of the 1960s into concrete, practical, functioning reality, and if any generation has the specialized skills to do this, it's Pluto in Virgo. As stated, individuals and groups from this generation will be embedded in new catalytic position within the systems beginning this year - or within systems of their own creation. However, as is always the case with Pluto, only a rare few will go as deep as is truly necessary, penetrating to the core of the dysfunction and dishonesty, rather than wasting time and effort on more superficial, diversionary layers. The Pluto in Virgos work the Virgo-Pisces polarity, and the efforts of a good many will, unfortunately, be swallowed by a sea of Piscean distraction, illusion, and dead ends as Neptune in Pisces opposes their natal Plutos over the next 14 years. Many will squander their effectiveness by working to reform around the edges systems and structures that need to be completely gutted and reworked. Others will focus on perfecting their personal lives from privileged positions with little progress made as far as broader, sociological understanding and change. Many will refuse to deepen a real transition out of the current structural set-ups, continuing to wield power and control in similar ways and reinforcing the same pyramid schemes with, again, small reforms around the edges. Many more will remain caught up in the New Age paradigm - or whatever they decide to call it now - erroneously believing they are working for real change, when, in fact, they are reinforcing and feeding energy into more of the same meaningless and illegitimate hierarchical control. There's still a lot of guru-itis in this generation - it's just a little more on the down low than the Pluto in Leo version. A rare few, though, will really get the job done, applying soul-directed, life-supporting efforts with laser-like precision and efficacy and peeling away the detritus keeping things dysfunctional. These are the real movers and shakers of the Pluto in Virgo generation. These Pluto in Virgos are not going to fall back on the quick fix of slash-and-burn sacrificial lambs, preached by their less skillful members. No mass kill-offs are required to put their plans into action. It's always so nice and clean to just sever the problematic issues/people from the scene altogether, isn't it? Creating your own little "enlightened" bubble realities from positions of social privilege. It reminds me of the sentiment that arose that "Occupy Wall Street was so fun and rosy and ideal until all those yucky, mentally ill homeless people started showing up and mucking it up." (Reality check, assholes. It's about more than your ideals and your amputated version of "community." Those mentally ill homeless people have the most to be upset about as far as your cause goes. Your scope should have widened to include them, rather than making them pesky irritations that ruined your good time.) With Neptune in Pisces opposing the natal Pluto in Virgos over the next 14 years, missing the point altogether will be a common theme. A sanitized and superficial version of reality, including only those aspects considered manageable, will be put forth regularly. It's only the rare few Pluto in Virgos who will refuse that superficiality and really work with what's before them. These people understand the real meaning of Pisces and put it into action. They get that every piece matters, that nothing and no one is expendable, and that a plan that doesn't work with every bit of it is a pretty poor plan, indeed. For a long while, masses of people have understood that something is fundamentally wrong - many somethings. They just didn't know what to do about it. With the potent "fixer solver" Pluto in Virgos gaining influence, gears start turning and grand-scale practical avenues start opening. Solutions can start to become accessible en masse, rather than to the specialized and privileged few.

Pluto Square Pluto for the Pluto in Libra Generation

With Pluto transiting Capricorn, the Pluto in Libra generation (born 1972 to 1984) is experiencing transiting Pluto in Capricorn square natal Pluto in Libra at various times from 2008 to 2024. All Pluto generations experience this Pluto square Pluto transit. The Pluto in Virgo generation was the last to experience it as Pluto transited Sagittarius (1995 - 2008). The Pluto in Leos experienced it as Pluto transited Scorpio (1983 - 1995), and the Pluto in Cancers experienced it as Pluto transited Libra (1971 - 1983). An interesting point about the current crop of people on the planet, written about by astrologer Erin Sullivan, is that the Pluto in Leo through Pluto in Sagittarius generations experience this transiting square at a younger age than both previous generations and generations yet to come. Our feet are being held to the Plutonic alchemical fire in our late 30s to late 40s, whereas other Pluto generations both past and future experience it in their late 50s to early 90s. As the Pluto in Virgos move into new position this year, individuals from the Pluto in Libra generation will be coming to the table to catalyze a new social structure, bringing their own special brand of social justice, which, with Pluto in the sign of relationship, is not always a socially pleasant brand. With the cardinal Grand Crosses (2011-2014) along with the ongoing square series between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (2012 - 2015) occurring at the time of their Pluto square Pluto transit, members of the Pluto in Libras - responsible, in part, for transformation into right human relations - are propelled into new social leadership capacity. From September 18, 2011: New Social Authority For the Pluto in Libra Generation and Blazing the Plutonic Trail Through Relationship Constructs Past Certain members of the Pluto in Libra generation will be placed quite immediately within new positions of long-term influence and social authority - both legitimate and illegitimate. Again, Pluto can be used to move into legitimate forms of power but it can just as easily, probably more easily, be used to reinforce and continue the current violent, coercive, inhumane, and unjust forms. Pluto is both liberator and oppressor. Many Pluto in Libras, as with those in generations both preceding and following, will take their places within the current illegitimacy, reinforcing a social structure and forms of leadership that maintain the power of the dominant paradigm. The Charming and Bullshitty Politico/Celebrity Type with gleaming, bleached-and-bonded teeth will be played to a fine art within the Pluto in Libra generation by both men and women. And there will be a new focus: the Charming and Bullshitty Politico/Celebrity Couple. We'll be getting double teamed on the charm and bullshit front. A false egalitarian Aquarian facade mixed with potent Pluto in Libra social literacy will be used to maintain a smoothly-functioning status quo while the real issues remain seething, unaddressed and unresolved, underneath. Social prowess, attractiveness, popularity, and connections will be primary weapons of control. The ability to create and drive obsessive social trends, tapping into Aquarian era technological and virtual reality desires, will continue as a major source of social engineering power over the masses. The use of beauty to enchant, entrance, manipulate, and dominate will go to extremes. New allegiances and alliances, making for shiny photo ops, will sustain oppressive and regressive regimes of all levels. Flash, flash, flash go the cameras, creating false memories, false history, a very pretty and touching manufactured reality of important moments, indeed. Those fighting for real relational change and justice have their work cut out for them, as usual. The Pluto square Pluto aspect forces a deep examination and unearthing of layered power dynamics, particularly generational power dynamics. This includes the power other Pluto generations hold, as the Pluto in Libras determine legitimate power from illegitimate and natural skill and leadership from authoritarian hogwash. A new balance and sharing (Libra) of power (Pluto) emerges with this generation, for good or ill. Pluto square Pluto is a tense, frictional aspect that will eventually make the cardinal Pluto in Libras stronger leaders, more concentrated in their own power and influence, by forcing confrontations with the current Pluto in Capricorn power dynamics and structures. Throughout the Pluto in Capricorn transit, the Pluto in Libras will come to a deeper understanding of the source of their own personal power, connected to broader, generational impetus, as well as the sources of their motivations and the motivations of others. Certain people, places, emotions, psychological states, or ideas, particularly relationship-related, that hold a disproportionate amount of power over the Pluto in Libras will be examined. In many cases, the hold over them will be broken, though this can create terror. As this aspect happens around mid-life, it leads to the realization (for those still unaware) of how short a human life on this planet really is, which can give individuals the courage to take on new areas of authority, power, and leadership in these times of crisis. Death is examined and any fear of it can be confronted through this transit, which can result in an often dramatic reorientation of personal lives, directions, and goals. Personal Plutonic crises compel various examinations and confrontations. Until the Pluto in Capricorn children come of age, the Pluto in Libras will be the only cardinal (initiation, new direction) Pluto generation in the works. Many Pluto in Libras will work through a fear of their own authority within new positions of social leadership throughout this transit. Libra is a sign that often prefers to defer to others, but with Pluto in Libra forcing the strong development of the Aries polarity point (transited by Uranus in Aries for the next seven years), sitting back and deferring to others can be catastrophic both personally and collectively. These transits will force often fence-sitting Libra to choose, once and for all, which direction it is taking as we move fully into a new astrological era. The Pluto in Libras will be brought to a point where to refuse new positions of power in their own lives and societies, within their generation, is death to the soul. The successful use of the Pluto square Pluto transit means taking on a new and powerful role in a position of vital influence or forever being under the thumb of others who have.


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