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Aaron Carter's Death Digs Up Disturbing New Threads from the Jupiter in Scorpio Transit

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

The South Node of the Moon has been transiting deep, dark Scorpio (opposite the North Node of the Moon in Taurus) since January 18, 2022. The Nodes of the Moon will continue in these signs until July 17, 2023.

During this transit (January 2022 to July 2023), the personal planets in Scorpio form a single series of conjunctions to the South Node, and these conjunctions are occurring right now - during the first two weeks of November 2022. This makes the time ripe for things to come to the surface that have been hidden, denied, or glossed over. Scorpio is a sign related to secrets, lies, cover-ups, sexuality, abuse, and death, among other things. It is a sign that indicates, "There's more to this than meets the eye." Scorpio as a sign indicates dense, complex, layered, and often manipulated scenarios where we must dig to get to the truth, to the core reality. Scorpio is related to power dynamics, including corrupt or abusive uses of power.

Scorpio is the investigator, the detective, and the researcher of the zodiac, and when Scorpio is strongly highlighted, as it is now, we are often required to traipse through very dark areas of humanity and of society in order to achieve a fuller awareness of what's going on, of what's harming us and others.

As the South Node of the Moon is activated by the personal planets in the first half of November 2022, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are also activating the final square aspect between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. These aspects create a fixed T-square configuration where energy is directed into the fourth leg of the formation, which is Leo. The sign of Leo is associated with actors, performers, and fame, including Hollywood and the corporate music industry.

Fixed T-square: Venus, Sun, Mercury, and South Node of the Moon in Scorpio opposite North Node of the Moon and Uranus in Taurus, square Saturn in Aquarius

November 6, 2022

Now I will say, since the early days of this blog, I've intentionally avoided the truly depraved worlds created by The Fame Machine. I have no interest in fame, and I do not wish to place my attention or energy on "celebrities" of any kind. This Plutonic punk astrologer intentionally avoids the Blue Checks of the world. There is certainly some "click bait" worthiness to astrology that covers celebrities, but click bait has never been my goal.

That said, with Jupiter (truth) retrograde on the final degree of the zodiac (29 Pisces), there are some threads being plucked now that show us how the whole web works together, how seemingly isolated events actually fit together like puzzle pieces. Jupiter is tapping this astro-reporter on the shoulder at the moment, asking for some illumination of the things currently under the Cosmic Spotlight. So how can I refuse? Under the oh-so-intense energy of the fixed T-square configuration, it was announced through media that Aaron Carter, musician and younger brother of Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter, was found dead in his bathtub in Los Angeles on the morning of November 5, 2022.

Aaron Carter's death strikes me as one more suspicious death in a string of suspicious deaths involving people who were privy to the pedophilia, sexual abuse, and ritualistic abuse prevalent in Hollywood and corporate music. Lou Pearlman was a man who launched and managed many "boy bands" in the 1990s, including the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, O-Town, LFO, Take 5, Natural, Marshall Dyllon, and US5. Aaron's brother Nick was made rich and famous by Pearlman, and Aaron was also launched into a pop music career as a youth, managed by Pearlman. Aaron opened for the Backstreet Boys on tour and was then offered his own recording contract in 1997 when he was just nine years old.

Pearlman has been referred to as a "sexual predator" by his former assistant, and Nick and Aaron Carter's mother, Jane Carter, has been quoted in a Vanity Fair article as saying, "Certain things happened and it almost destroyed our family. I tried to warn everyone. I tried to warn all the mothers...I tried to expose him for what he was years ago."

Screenshot of text from the Vanity Fair article, 2007

Lou Pearlman went to prison in 2008 for conspiracy and money laundering, including involvement in a massive Ponzi scheme, and died in prison in August 2016. Was this death a cardiac arrest, as reported, or was it connected to the pedophilia scandals coming to a head around that time? Pearlman was certainly well-connected and would have had information on many high-ranking pedophiles and sexual criminals in Hollywood and corporate music.

As outlined, Scorpio holds the deepest, darkest secrets in the zodiac, and we see a powerful fixed T-square configuration at the time of Aaron's death that activated his own natal Mars-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio.

Aaron Carter's natal chart (no birth time) with the transits on the day of his death - November 5, 2022

The transiting personal planets in Scorpio (Venus, Sun, Mercury) were conjunct the South Node of the Moon in Scorpio when Aaron died, and these bodies were tightly conjunct Aaron's natal Mars-Pluto in Scorpio. Transiting Mercury (information, communication, perspective) was exactly conjunct Aaron's natal Pluto (power, secrets, sex, death) at 11 degrees Scorpio on the day of his death, and this indicates information (Mercury) over which people could be killed (Pluto/Scorpio). This could involve information (Mercury) about sexual abuse (Scorpio) that could bring down entire webs of corrupt power (Pluto/Scorpio).

The Sun was exactly conjunct the South Node of the Moon at 13 degrees Scorpio on the day of Aaron's death, indicating a light being shone on long-kept secrets and abusive power schemes.

Arts-related Venus was in Scorpio when Aaron died, indicating a theme involving the dark underbelly of the arts and entertainment industries. "All that glitters is not gold." It also indicates abusive (Scorpio) relationships (Venus), in general. We see transiting Mars in Gemini, just stationed retrograde on October 30, in a square aspect to transiting Neptune in Pisces. Transiting Mars in Gemini had just stationed retrograde in a tight conjunction to Aaron's natal Chiron (wounded healer) at 26 degrees Gemini and in a tight opposition to his natal Uranus in Sagittarius. A looser opposition was formed to his natal Saturn in Sagittarius.

Transiting Mars in Gemini was also square Aaron's nodal axis at 29 degrees Pisces/Virgo. This created a mutable T-square formation, in addition to the fixed T-square, indicating intense pressure and a feeling of being "boxed in" from all angles. These aspects also indicate the possibility of gaslighting, brainwashing, or not being believed. The extended Mars in Gemini contact to Aaron's wounded healer Chiron indicates charged or dangerous (Mars) information or perspective (Gemini) that was painful (Chiron) to carry or to communicate. There was fear (Saturn) and pain (Chiron) associated with this information or perspective. It also involved well-established people or institutions and people who were older than he was, such as industry father figures (Saturn).

Chiron in Gemini indicates pain and wounding (Chiron) related to siblings (Gemini), and we can see the pain Aaron carried living as "Nick's little brother" and also the pain that came from following his older brother into the predatory corporate entertainment industry. This pain was inflamed, again, by the Mars retrograde station in Gemini. Aaron had a strong contingent of Sagittarius placements in his natal chart - Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Uranus, and Pallas Athene in Sagittarius - and Sagittarius is a sign associated with truth and ethics.

With the Mars retrograde station in Gemini producing immense psychic pressure related to communication and truth, was Aaron considering speaking out? Or did the weight of it all finally just become too much, leading to a substance-fueled drowning in his bathtub? Either way, I would argue that the abuse he suffered and the depravity he lived through were the root causes of his death. Transiting Jupiter had just moved retrograde onto the last degree of the zodiac, 29 degrees Pisces, at the time of Aaron's death. Jupiter was forming an exact conjunction to Aaron's North Node of the Moon at 29 degrees Pisces at the time, a North Node placement indicating an extremely karmic life path. Aaron was born into the mess of this world, and the corrupt entertainment industry grabbed hold of him as a child. He was navigating a world of profound illusion (Hollywood, corporate music, fame) with only a child's ability to protect itself. Transiting Jupiter was also conjunct transiting Neptune in Pisces at the time of Aaron's death, and both bodies squared transiting Mars in Gemini and Aaron's natal Chiron in Gemini. This speaks to the psychic weight and disturbance of bearing this information or perspective. It also indicates broader collective or sociological roots. The information Aaron held was not held by him alone. His experience was not an isolated one. His experience was tied to the experiences of millions more around the world.

On the day before Aaron's death, the Moon was transiting late Pisces, forming conjunctions to transiting Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces and squares to his natal Chiron in Gemini and Uranus-Saturn in Sagittarius. This indicates the possibility of an overwhelming emotional state that is tied to the broader collective situation, to the "invisible or unspoken bigger picture." The Moon then entered Aries and was in an applying conjunction to wounded healer Chiron in Aries on the day of his death. As part of the ongoing cover-ups, the media always makes much of the mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse so prevalent with celebrities. The insinuation is that the deaths of these celebs have come about due to the "pressures of fame," a result of their own bad habits, excesses, and indulgences.

A much more likely scenario involves child actors and musicians being abused, sexually and otherwise, by the adults who surround them and then brainwashed by those adults, which then leads to self-medication, addictive coping mechanisms, and mental health breaks later in life. The last major planetary transit of Scorpio (aside from personal planets) was Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter transited Scorpio from October 10, 2017 to November 8, 2018. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and is said to make anything it touches bigger. Because of this, Jupiter is referred to as the Cosmic Spotlight. The Grand Illuminator. During the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio, the Cosmic Spotlight was illuminating some particularly disgusting and depraved territory: widespread rape, sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct (Scorpio), including forms of sexual abuse and misconduct that are entrenched in the institutions of our society (Pluto/Capricorn).

The particular element of sexual abuse gaining traction as we headed into the Jupiter in Scorpio transit was the widespread pedophilia rings involving people in positions of power. These pedophilia rings reach all the way around the world and include celebrities, Hollywood money people, members of royal families, politicians, judges, lawyers, police officers, and many other "upstanding" members of the Who's Who of human society. These pedophilia rings involve the grooming and trafficking of children for purposes of rape, molestation, ritual abuse, and murder, and people have been trying to expose and stop these rings since at least the 1980s. The BoysTown scandal in the 1980s and the disappearance of Johnny Gosch were elements of these larger pedophilia rings. The "Pizzagate" scandal was reaching a peak in 2016 and 2017 as we moved to the Jupiter in Scorpio transit. This scandal involved internet sleuths exposing a symbolic language being used by high-level politicians, celebrities, and others to communicate about child sex trafficking and child sex parties. This peak moment, with Pizzagate coming to the surface in a broader way, built on work that was done during the Saturn in Scorpio transit (2012 - 2015) to expose the sex rings. Multiple former child actors have spoken out about being raped, molested, or sexually abused by high-ranking members of the Hollywood and corporate music machines. These celebrities include Corey Feldman and his friend and fellow child actor Corey Haim. Corey Haim died in March 2010 of what was ruled an accidental drug overdose. Those close to Haim disputed this, claiming he had been completely clean and sober for two weeks leading up to his death.

There have been at least 14 suspicious "doorknob" deaths of celebrities and other people with societal power who were either suspected of participating in pedophilia, had insider knowledge of pedophilia in high places, or were in the process of exposing the pedophilia rings in public. In all cases, it was reported that the individuals committed suicide by hanging themselves from a doorknob with a scarf or necktie. This is a very unusual way to commit suicide, to say the least, especially when it involves at least 14 high profile people. Those dead include Michael Hutchence, David Carradine, Alexander McQueen, Annabelle Neilson, Aaron Swartz, L'Wren Scott, Robin Williams, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Avicii, Kate Spade, Ines Zorreguieta, Anthony Bourdain, and Amschel Rothschild.

By now, we all know the story of American financier Jeffrey Epstein, who supposedly died as a result of suicide in his prison cell in 2019. Epstein ran a well-connected child sex trafficking ring that serviced many high-powered clients, including politicians, celebrities, bankers, and members of royal families. Epstein was imprisoned without any of the names of his high-ranking clients going public. Miraculously (not so much), those names remained secret even after Epstein's partner-in-crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, was found guilty of five counts of sex trafficking, including one charge of sex trafficking of a minor, in December 2021.

What we experienced during the Jupiter in Scorpio transit in 2017/2018 was an orchestrated cover-up in plain sight. The Me Too movement roared onto mainstream media with a series of adult female celebrities outlining the rape, sexual abuse, coercion, and intimidation they experienced from Hollywood producers, directors, financiers, and other muckity mucks.

Certain big names like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein were offered up at this time as the public sacrifices.These big names were taken down to divert attention from the even bigger names. They were taken down in very public fashion to divert attention from the hundreds of thousands of others who are guilty of pedophilia and sex crimes all over the world.

Misogyny and the abuse of women within the Hollywood and corporate music machines were the headline issues during Jupiter in Scorpio, grabbing worldwide attention and becoming a social media phenomenon. This swung the spotlight away from even more horrific crimes - the rape, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking of children in global pedophilia rings. This put the focus on one repugnant topic in an effort to divert from an even more repugnant topic. From the October 11, 2017 article, "Jupiter in Scorpio: Going Beyond the Plutonic Tip of the Iceberg to the Full Truth of the Matter." "As mentioned in the Jupiter in Scorpio patron article, one theme we can expect during this transit is the blowing up (Jupiter) of sex scandals (Scorpio), particularly involving webs of power. One of the stories blowing up in mainstream media just as Jupiter entered Scorpio (October 10, 2017) involves a group of women, including multiple well-known actresses, accusing powerful Hollywood film producer and Miramax co-founder Harvey Weinstein of sex-based crimes ranging from sexual harassment to rape. According to accusations, it seems Ole Harv expected more than just a standard screen test to get hired on his films... Now, one could see this as a simple Jupiter in Scorpio theme - the spectacular (Jupiter) outing of one nasty character misusing his power and prestige in heinous and sexually-based ways (Scorpio). The truth is, though (and with Jupiter, we're going for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth), this is just the tip of the Plutonic iceberg as far as the corrupt-to-the-core Hollywood machine. Where Pluto or Scorpio is involved, if anything does manage to surface in the mainstream psyche (including through mainstream media coverage), it is just the beginning of the uncovering process, the initial catalyst. In order to bring about real, grand-scale change from what is exposed, we have to pick up that single thread, follow it, and keep following it: unraveling things, deconstructing things, digging, digging, digging, and seeing where it ultimately leads. There's a relentlessness required - not often found within the glossy facades of Hollywood. We have to be looking at all elements of corrupt power, at how the entire machine works, rather than focusing on individual scenarios as isolated events.

The truth is: Hollywood is known for this. It's pretty well always been known for this. The "casting couch" is a well-known phenomenon. If true, these allegations against Harvey Weinstein describe disgusting crimes committed against women by a disgusting man. But as gross and heinous as this is, it should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention. This is far from a lone wolf situation. This is far from an isolated case. The entire Hollywood machine, as well as the corporate music and modeling industries, have been set up this way. They have been built on a foundation of sexual abuse and depravity. Lop one head off, and there are a hundred more where it came from. The sexual abuse and programming of Hollywood actors and actresses, as well s mainstream music stars and models, is a well-researched phenomenon. And the use of these programmed stars to implant certain ideas, images, symbols, and behaviours into the public - beginning from childhood - is well-documented, as well. (MK Ultra, Monarch programming, Sex Kitten programming, etc.) These men and women are programmed to be hyper-sexualized ideals up there on the screen or stage, projecting a very dark and twisted version of human sexuality to then be emulated by their adoring fans. This is a foundational tenet of the entire corporate entertainment industry. Former child actors have been attempting to blow the lid off pedophilia in Hollywood for decades. It was suspected that the death of Corey Haim, for example, was connected to his plan to out the pedophiles responsible for his abuse in Hollywood. Haim's friend Corey Feldman, another former child star, has also been vocal on the subject. Feldman has said, "I can tell you that the number one problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia." Celebrity "meltdowns" are also very well-publicized (Britney Spears, Selma Blair, Amanda Bynes, Mischa Barton, Kanye West, Katy Perry, and model Karen Mulder to name a few) that involve breaks from their programming. This often involves the surfacing of accusations of sexual abuse, which are later hushed up when the star is "feeling better..." So we have huge mainstream media coverage of the Weinstein issue because it involves "luminaries" of the Hollywood machine, like Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Angelina Jolie. People are scintillated by it, and those involved get the benefit of the worldwide spotlight to broadcast their plights. The truth is, though, this type of sexually-based crime and intimidation goes on regularly within the patriarchal hierarchies of Planet Earth. It's built right into the fabric of the power structures. From worldwide sex trafficking and slavery (including of children), to sexual molestation in the Catholic Church, to rape in the military, to #pizzagate, to husbands raping their wives, to sexual intimidation in workplaces around the world - it's a global theme involving the most heinous abuses of power. Real advancement on these issues has to go far deeper than the Hollywood level. And in fact, real advancement must involve the rejection of the Hollywood machine, in general. It must involve the rejection of Hollywood's detrimental and brainwashing products. It must involve the rejection of the concept of "fame," in general - which will inevitably be considered more and more bizarre the further we get into egalitarian Aquarian times. Real advancement must involve the rejection of those ridiculously over-the-top paycheques for hoodwinking and diverting the populace with their pretty, pretty faces up there on the screen or stage. Actors and musicians need to find more honest and legitimate avenues to pursue their crafts because being part of Illuminati Hollywood is really nothing to celebrate - or to be celebrated for. Real advancement involves a public that is not looking to gaze starry-eyed at whatever new, carefully-manufactured idol is placed on a pedestal before it. Real advancement involves a human society that does not waste its time thinking about physical appearance much at all, certainly not to the point of obsession, narcissism, and unnecessary surgical procedures, as is the case currently... This Weinstein situation is a potentially-valuable jumping-off point for the Jupiter in Scorpio transit, but we have a very, very long way to go - through much less glamourous territory - in order to create any real and lasting change as far as sexual intimidation, exploitation, abuse, and crimes on this planet. If there's a rule of thumb for this Jupiter in Scorpio transit, it's this: take it further, dig deeper, and follow your gut as it tells you, "There's more."" With the personal planets now making their one and only pilgrimage over the South Node of the Moon in Scorpio, we can be assured that there is much, much more. We've only just begun unraveling the webs of corrupt power, including but not limited to pedophilia and sex crimes. We've only just started putting the puzzle pieces together in a way that will reveal the names and faces of all criminals involved.

Scorpio has a very long memory. It gathers evidence over years, decades, even centuries, putting its case together against the perpetrators, against the predators, against the criminals.

The astrological context is just one more tool we can use to see beneath the surface, to penetrate to the core reality as the media generates the cover stories (drugs! alcohol! car accident! suicide! drowning! mental illness!) that subvert the truth.

This article is further evidence for those who don't believe that any of this has been "debunked." It's further evidence for the relative few who will continue working for justice on Earth, no matter how many generations it takes. Let's keep gathering this evidence, piece-by-piece.

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The Balenciaga fashion brand has been exposed for using child porn imagery in its new campaign (teddy bear purses wearing bondage being held by small children) and for a strategically placed art book involving "art" portraying castrated toddlers.

They're all in on it. This is what people need to understand. If you're rich and famous in Hollywood or in corporate music, you're either involved in this depravity or you're looking the other way and being rewarded for it.

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