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The Danger of Reliving the Fall of Atlantis During the Pluto in Aquarius Transit (2023 - 2044)

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Nukes on the Moon, 100,000 Satellites Weaponizing Space, and Technocratic Scientific Arrogance Running Amok

As first Saturn, then Jupiter, then Pluto ingress Aquarius between 2020 and 2023, we're experiencing a fairly extreme immersion into the perils and problems of technocratic scientific arrogance. There is an astrologically-timed advancement underway of a technology-dominated version of life on this planet that is entirely to the detriment of most of the biological life here.

I've written about this attempted technocratic takeover in previous articles, including this one:

Major Aquarius Ingresses 2020 - 2023: Resisting 5G Technology, Energy Weapons, and the Creation of Digitized Dystopian Hell This is the type of Aquarian Age arrogance that makes billionaire madmen into false Gods, celebrating and hero-worshiping them as they commit unimaginable horrors against life on this planet simply because they have the money, the power, and the public relations team to do it. The insanity knows no bounds.

This should go without saying, but no one has the right to contaminate the Moon, the celestial bodies, or space in general with nuclear waste or any other form of toxic radiation.

I posted that "nuke on the Moon" article on my (anti-nuclear) Fukushima message board at Ruqqus and had to delete it because it was swarmed by pro-nuke Millennials and Gen Z-ers who thought it was an absolutely grand idea.

The thing that should be realized is that Millennials and Generation Z have been indoctrinated since birth into thinking that nuclear and wireless are "safe, clean, and green" and that they will "save us from climate change." They believe that being chauffeured around in nuclear-powered autonomous electric cars is the answer to our environmental woes. They believe that faster download speeds and refrigerators that tell you when they need refilling are absolute necessities of modern day living, even if it means constant irradiation, monitoring, and surveillance through the 5G grid. It's terrifically unfortunate that the dangers and horrors of radiation, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and nuclear waste have not been passed down through the generations at a mass level. It's a highly whitewashed, "radiation is (mostly) safe, and nuclear power is our best option" version of reality that is being implanted in young minds these days.

I've heard the same arguments from young nuke-lovers (and young 5G wireless-lovers) again and again on heavy replay. This is a sample. Argument for putting a nuclear power plant on the Moon:

"The moon is a big rock. There is no life there, no ecosystem, no environment. There is nothing of importance there to risk."

The astrologers of the world, in particular, should be reading this with horror... This is a basic Earth Spirituality 101 type of concept, and it's mind-shattering to me that so many people don't have the slightest grasp of this or of energetic reality on this planet, but here we go: The celestial bodies have a natural energy of their own, and it interacts with our own energetic systems. Introducing man-made, artificial, and toxic forms of energy like nuclear radiation disrupts that natural energy and its interchange with our bodies. Artificially altering the energy of the celestial bodies and of space while disrupting that energy interchange with living things on Earth would have many detrimental effects. They have no right, zero right, to do this. This goes for a nuclear power planet on the Moon, and it also goes for the 100,000+ planned satellites that would irradiate every square inch of this planet, put us under near-total video surveillance, and weaponize space. Argument diminishing the horrific damage done by nuclear: "Every accident is a learning experience, every error a lesson. That is why, for example, modern aviation is as safe as it is. Nuclear power is headed in the same direction." A learning lesson? So killing millions of people and animals, not to mention much of the Pacific Ocean, is a "learning lesson" for the pro-nuclear brigade? Permanently destroying people's genetic lines is "a learning lesson?"

The pro-nuclear set doesn't learn from the past or from the present. That's a big part of the problem. They consider repeated mass destruction of life by radiation and nuclear to be just a bump in the road on their way to technological and cosmological greatness.

Even if fallout can be contained (it most often can't), containment requires hundreds or even thousands of years of maintenance and monitoring. No one can guarantee that this will be done on Earth, let alone on the Moon.

Tired old argument comparing nuclear waste/fallout to the Sun: "Space is already contaminated with more nuclear material than we could ever hope to manufacture in the lifetime of human civilization.

Exhibit A: the Sun"

There's a dramatic difference between artificial, man-made, toxic nuclear waste and natural radiation that comes from the Sun. This is a ridiculous comparison, but it's one I've heard many times before, generally rolled out whenever establishment-minded people want to explain away or diminish the radiation-related dangers of everything from Fukushima fallout to 5G radiation.

This video pertains to 5G wireless radiation, but you can extrapolate in relation to nuclear waste: Why 5G Radiation is Not the Same as Radiation From the Sun One of the main points is this: natural radiation that we've evolved to live with over hundreds of thousands of years (like the Sun) is very different from the abrupt inundation of our bodies with artificial radiation from things like 5G or nuclear waste. These are abrupt, man-made changes in the frequency of our environment, exposing us to levels of radiation for which our bodies are not equipped.

We are also not exposed to intense sunlight 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Even sunlight would be dangerous and deadly if we were. In the case of man-made radiation like nuclear waste or 5G wireless, the exposures can be near-constant. In the case of nuclear fallout, radioactive isotopes can also be taken into the body through food, water, air, or other methods where they irradiate, continually, over time. Argument for the grand benefits of nuclear power: "Handled correctly, nuclear power allows us to obtain stupid high amounts of energy, with little to no emissions, and easily containable waste." The fact that people believe nuclear waste products are "easily containable" is a testament to the effectiveness of establishment indoctrination on this subject. Ask the collapsing Pacific Ocean ecosystem or the kids with thyroid cancer if the Fukushima nuclear power plant has "easily containable waste." Ask the babies still being born with the Chernobyl Heart birth defect if that area has "easily containable waste." Ask babies being born (and then dying) with anencephaly around Hanford, Washington if that area has "easily containable waste." Ask the people who have died or who have had disabled offspring due to depleted uranium munitions dust exposure if that's "easily containable waste." Ask the children receiving cancer treatments around Boeing/Rocketdyne's Santa Susana Field Laboratory if that's "easily containable waste." Ask the people whose genetic lines have been damaged or destroyed by nuclear waste of any kind if it's "easily containable waste." Looking at this devastating history, with ill effects that will continue far into the future, it's laughable that anyone could argue that nuclear waste is "easily containable." There is no "handling correctly" of nuclear waste. Even our best solutions for this are terribly inadequate. The main arrogance here involves human beings (mostly men, let's face it) believing they can determine every possible outcome and then mitigate for those outcomes when it comes to nuclear power generation. This arrogance is only going to get worse once they have "the algorithms" to hide behind. The people behind the Chernobyl nuclear power plant thought they had it all figured out. The people behind the Daiichi nuclear power plant at Fukushima thought they had everything under control, too. It's utter arrogance not to learn from the devastating history of nuclear but instead to feel that you'll do things better, you'll be smarter, you won't experience any of the (ongoing) problems that have plagued nuclear power generation in the past and up to present day. One of the main problems, of course, is the official cover-up of radiation-related damage whether it be from nuclear power, depleted uranium munitions, or 5G wireless. As an illustration: An anencephaly cluster exists in babies born in the area around Hanford, Washington. The Hanford nuclear site, sitting on the Columbia River, has been called the most radioactively contaminated site in the United States. For forty years, the site produced Plutonium to be used in nuclear weapons for the U.S. government, and this has left a century-long (most likely longer) legacy of ill health and environmental devastation. Plutonium production ended at the site in 1989, and ever since then - for more than 30 years now - the focus has been on cleaning up the contamination. The U.S. Department of Labour has estimated that around 11,000 clean-up workers have become ill due to toxic exposures at the site. (More of that "easily containable waste.")

Welcome to 'the Most Toxic Place in America': workers at the Hanford Nuclear Site in Washington say its chemical and radioactive vapors are making them sick, even killing them. Video "Seventy years ago, the Hanford Site produced plutonium for America's nuclear arsenal. Today, it's run by the Department of Energy through its contractor, Washington River Protection Solutions. The contractor is managing a $110 billion cleanup of 56 million gallons of chemical and nuclear waste, stored in 177 underground tanks — a task that's expected to last the next 50 years.

But the tanks are leaking, and the vapors they emit contain toxic and radioactive chemicals known to cause cancer as well as brain and lung damage. Just this year [2016], 61 workers have been exposed, and some nuclear experts have called Hanford "the most toxic place in America" and "an underground Chernobyl waiting to happen." Between 2010 and 2016 (the time period studied), 45 babies were born with anencephaly in the area. Anencephaly is a devastating condition where a baby's brain and skull do not form normally, resulting in death in utero or shortly after birth. Official data states that anencephaly occurs in every 2 in 10,000 births in the general population. (Radiation and environmental toxins could quite likely be contributors there, as well.) In three counties around Hanford (Yakima, Benton, and Franklin), the rate of anencephaly was 8 in 10,000, four times higher than in the general public. At the conclusion of a two-year investigation by the Washington state Department of Health, it was stated: "The possibility that radiation from the Hanford nuclear reservation or from the Fukushima nuclear disaster might have contributed to the cluster was ruled out. Investigators consulted Department of Health staff responsible for collecting radiation and radioactive contamination data, including checking for contamination in the air and the Columbia River near Hanford."

People should be aware that there is no ongoing testing of animals or plants for Fukushima fallout - where the fallout would concentrate. Salmon that were taken from the Columbia River independently by a native band tested hot for Fukushima-signature fallout. Fukushima fallout has also been found in salmon by establishment scientists - though they downplay the danger this poses. In the very spotty testing that has been done since the disaster began in March 2011, Fukushima fallout has been found many times in plants, animals, sand, wine, and produce. Let's just say, in light of what I know about both Hanford and Fukushima, I'm definitely not ruling out the Hanford nuclear reservation or Fukushima fallout as contributing factors to the anencephaly cluster, and I don't think you should, either. Cosmic Spotlight Jupiter is currently activating the area between late Aquarius and early Pisces. Jupiter stationed retrograde at 2 degrees Pisces on June 20, and it will re-enter Aquarius on July 28. Jupiter will then transit the last decan of Aquarius from July 28 to December 28, 2021. Jupiter re-enters Pisces on December 28, 2021 for the remainder of the transit until May 10, 2022.

Jupiter in this area of the zodiac intensifies themes related to the shift in astrological eras - from Piscean Era to Aquarian Era. This shift is related to the precession of the equinoxes - the position of the Sun in the physical constellations at the time of March equinox, which is slowly moving from early Pisces into late Aquarius. Jupiter is the planet related to wisdom and to natural law. The transition into the Aquarian Era requires that we apply the wisdom gleaned during the Piscean Era about living in a way that is harmonious with natural law on Earth. This includes living according to energetic principles that are invisible to the naked eye. It also includes a heightened understanding of invisible toxins and the suffering they have caused and are still causing. There is no true advancement without first understanding how energy really works on this planet, including in invisible and non-quantitative ways. There is no true advancement that injures or kills people in its wake. Damaging some in order to fulfill the ambitions and goals of others is no true advancement. It is science (Aquarius) without spirit (Pisces), intellect without heart. It is a purely rational understanding of how things work (Aquarius) with no understanding that, ultimately, human beings are not in control of the mysterious workings of this universe (Pisces). Unexpected and unforeseen things happen all the time, and unexpected and unforeseen consequences are experienced regularly. There is no way human beings (even with 5G-driven algorithms) can determine every possible event and every possible outcome.

The destructive arrogance of the purely rational, "scientific," or technologically-oriented mind is a major caution during the transit of Pluto in Aquarius (March 2023 to January 2044), and we're getting an early taste of this with the Jupiter and Saturn transits of Aquarius.

Pluto is a dwarf planet that takes things to extremes in an effort to address long-buried, long-suppressed, and long-denied dynamics, especially power dynamics. The transit of Pluto through Aquarius involves themes of technocracy run amok. Technology that is out of control. Technology that is out of balance with nature and biological lifeforms. Technology used for control and domination. Technology that is poisonous. Technology that is deadly. Abuses of power through the use of technology and science. Power tied to technological knowledge. Power tied to the use of scientific jargon that is unintelligible to the layperson. Covering up or suppressing the damage being caused by technology and by a shortsighted establishment scientific paradigm that dismisses anything emotional, intuitive, spiritual, mystical, or non-quantifiable.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, associated with Uranium. Pluto is related to Plutonium. So we have a combination of Uranus and Pluto, Uranium and Plutonium, during the Pluto in Aquarius transit. This indicates that radiation and radiation-related damage will be primary themes. This includes, of course, protecting living things as much as possible from the dangerous effects of radiation as our environments are poisoned and we are bombarded against our wills. Bringing the damaging (and highly-suppressed) effects of radiation to surface awareness will be required during this transit. We might not be able to prove to the purely rationally-minded what's killing us, but we certainly do know what's killing us.

Pluto relates to intuitive knowing, gut feelings, and a knowledge of reality that has come about through experiences of trauma, both personal and collective. The story of Atlantis involves a race of people that fancied themselves highly advanced. This civilization started monkeying around with extreme forms of technology, including early forms of genetic modification of humans. Arrogance and the desire for power became the driving force, and the resulting energetic imbalance brought the whole continent down.

I see very clearly the patterns repeating now with technology run amok and a corrupted establishment scientific paradigm that is worshiped and deferred to as a God.

The sensitives of the planet can feel the imbalance growing and the immensely dangerous conditions being created with things like nuclear energy, 5G wireless, geo-engineering, genetic modification, attempts at transhumanism, and more.

Please share the knowledge of the people being harmed - historically and to present day - by these imbalanced and destructive practises. Please speak up if you yourself or one of your loved ones have been harmed.

We live in a time when almost one in two people will get cancer at some point in their lives. This is not natural. It is not normal. It's the result of centuries of toxic and destructive practises piling up on us in layers until our physical bodies can no longer withstand it. The real knowledge and the real truth will not be transmitted through establishment education, media, government, or science. These things can only be transmitted by and through us, the people who care, the people who see, the people who know, the people who recognize these dynamics a mile away. Resources:


The real purpose of the StarLink satellite scheme involves "space-based military intelligence and surveillance." This will also keep rural people under surveillance more easily. I watch in horror as rural people applaud Elon Musk as some sort of "hero of the working class" while he is basically shutting them into an electronic cage. Lasers can also be attached to low-orbit satellites. I'm not sure if StarLink satellites could be used for this reason.

"Taran highlighted the importance of utilizing space-based technology for Ukraine’s security interests, noting that it would allow for better monitoring of its borders and other areas of strategic interest. He also noted that the technology would allow for better intelligence gathering and analysis, allowing the country…


And in 2023, fish are being caught near Fukushima with 14 times the allowable limit of radioactivity:

"Japan has ordered the suspension of shipments of black rockfish caught off Fukushima prefecture after tests on a haul late last month showed radiation levels above the legal limit for human consumption.

The ministry of health on Tuesday confirmed that a catch from south of the disabled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that was brought ashore on January 26 contained 1,400 becquerels of radiation per kg, far higher than the national standard of 100 becquerels per kg set by the government as safe...

Environmental groups have expressed concern that high levels of radioactivity have been detected in fish caught off the prefecture nearly…


There's no doubt when Pluto enters Aquarius between 2023-2044, this is the time frame for a potential nuclear holocaust: Armeggedon. PLUTO is regeneration. Hopefully, it's the birth of the Aquarian Age and the second coming of Christ to save his Father's children from Hades (Pluto), Hell on earth.

Replying to

No one's coming to save us but us. The "wait for Jesus" paradigm is a misinterpretation of Jesus' doctrine, in my opinion. Active resistance and opposition is required, as well as building viable alternatives.

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