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PDF Documents to Share With People on the Dangers of 5G

Updated: May 23, 2023

Cell Tower Dangers
Download PDF • 842KB
BAN 5G Worldwide long version smart cities technocracy
Download PDF • 667KB
Ban 5G Worldwide short bullet points
Download PDF • 453KB
Peer Reviewed Published Research on Cell Tower and Wireless Radiation
Download PDF • 276KB
EMF sensitivity studies prevalence in population full text
Download PDF • 161KB
Thousands of Cities and Municipalities Have Taken Action to Halt the 5G Wireless Rollout
Download P • 637KB

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Cell Tower Injuries Testimonial - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (videos posted February 22, 2024)




Creating the 5G-Driven Surveillance State "Starlink, the satellite-based internet service from SpaceX, is set to revolutionize remote surveillance and security. With the ability to provide high-speed internet access to virtually any location on the planet, Starlink can enable organizations to monitor and protect their assets in even the most remote locations... Finally, Starlink could be used to monitor remote areas for security threats. With its global coverage, Starlink could be used to detect and track suspicious activity in remote areas. This could be especially useful for governments and security agencies that need to monitor large areas for potential threats... This is because the service can be used to monitor and detect suspicious activity, allowing authorities to respond quickly to any potential threats."


The real purpose of the StarLink satellite scheme involves "space-based military intelligence and surveillance." This will also keep rural people under surveillance more easily. I watch in horror as rural people applaud Elon Musk as some sort of "hero of the working class" while he is basically shutting them into an electronic cage. Lasers can also be attached to low-orbit satellites. I'm not sure if StarLink satellites could be used for this reason. "Taran highlighted the importance of utilizing space-based technology for Ukraine’s security interests, noting that it would allow for better monitoring of its borders and other areas of strategic interest. He also noted that the technology would allow for better intelligence gathering and analysis, allowing the country …

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