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New Moon in Cancer Conjunct Black Moon Lilith: Empowerment Through Nullification of Authoritarianism

Well, this Cancer season, so strongly coloured by Black Moon Lilith energy, has been one for the history books - and not in a good way.

The authoritarians are swinging their dicks (or their tits) around pretty fast and furious these days on multiple fronts, trying to convince us that they hold legitimate authority over us, over our values, over our decisions, over our bodies, and over our lives. They do not.

They never have.

They never will.

The man-made, coercion-driven, violence-enforced version of authority they hold is false, fake, corrupt, illegitimate, and oh-so-flimsy.

But Pluto (power) is in its last gasp in Capricorn (institutions, hierarchy), you see, and the race is on to lock down their Grand Authoritarian Schemes and all the control that goes along with them before Pluto shifts into Aquarius in March 2023.

Of course, most recently, we've seen the (obviously orchestrated) overturning of Roe vs. Wade in the United States, which will make abortion illegal in almost half of the 50 states unless those states overturn their own laws. (That's a very real possibility in some of those states.) The Sun entered Cancer, the sign of mothers, family, and the feminine, on June 21, marking summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. Roe versus Wade was overturned on June 24.

The Sun joined Black Moon Lilith, the point of deep, dark, denied feminine experience, in the sign of Cancer. Black Moon Lilith has been moving back and forth between Gemini and Cancer since December 2021.

Today, we experience an extremely powerful New Moon at 7 degrees Cancer (8:52 p.m. CST) that falls tightly conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Cancer and exactly square Jupiter in Aries. The Sun and Moon are coming together at the lunar apogee - the point in the Moon's orbit where it is furthest from Earth. This indicates a month-long lunar cycle (June 28 to July 28) characterized by emotional extremes and dark emotional states connected to the historical mistreatment of women, mothers, and the feminine. We're being stretched emotionally to the furthest points we can possibly tolerate - and hopefully not beyond. Conditions are being orchestrated to exhaust and deplete us emotionally, and we must see through these orchestrations if we are to maintain an even keel.

The New Moon in Cancer conjunct Black Moon Lilith is occurring in exact square to Jupiter in Aries, which puts issues around reproductive rights and the active fight for those rights in the Cosmic Spotlight. There is an undercurrent of ugly misogyny being exposed, being thrown under the spotlight, as well as the historical authoritarian control of women and the feminine. These are all Black Moon Lilith in Cancer themes.

New Moon at 7 degrees Cancer conjunct Black Moon Lilith and square Jupiter in Aries - June 28, 2022 Click to enlarge.

This astrology indicates a lunar cycle (June 28 to July 28) with a very deep, complex, and often disturbing emotional tenor. The emotional subtext is heavy, immersive, difficult to deny. We're working through some emotional trigger points, some trauma, and some historical (and present day) misogyny and mistreatment of women and the feminine.

We're also being played. Hard. They time their schemes and their scams according to astrology - whether it's trying to force an mRNA shot into your arm or a mask onto your face or whether it's trying to force a woman to carry a fetus against her will. It's all timed, planned, orchestrated, and executed according to the ancient art and nature-based timekeeper of astrology.

They're trying to emotionally exhaust us by piling all these schemes and scams onto us, layer by layer, one after the other in quick succession.

They're trying to divide and conquer us by dominating the collective discourse with controversial topics, layer by layer, one after the other in quick succession.

And most are, unfortunately, still falling for it. If left-wing authoritarianism is happening, the right is pissed off, and the left is celebrating. If right-wing authoritarianism is happening, the left is pissed off, and the right is celebrating. Back and forth, back and forth, left versus right, liberal versus conservative, pro-mandate versus anti-mandate, pro-choice versus anti-abortion. It's all part of the scam to divide us against each other instead of joining forces to fight the common enemy... The point is to nullify the power and control of all authoritarianism, regardless of political stripe, not to align with the parts of authoritarianism that suit your own views while railing against all the rest. If there is one lunar cycle when we could successfully achieve this authoritarian-nullification on a collective level, it's this lunar cycle with Pluto completing its last full retrograde in Capricorn. Black Moon Lilith is ultimately an empowering energy and symbol, and empowerment via increased awareness of the full emotional realities on Earth is its primary modus operandi. To break out of the cycles of exhausting emotional reaction that are being orchestrated, layer after layer, we must nullify the power of the orchestrators over us. Their power over us simply does not exist unless we give away our own power to these schemers and scammers, unless we trade true power for the false versions that require violence, coercion, trickery, domination, force, and control. Their power over us is ultimately an illusion, though it certainly does have very real and very horrifying material world consequences. The planet that rules illusions, Neptune, stationed retrograde early this morning at 25 degrees Pisces, just as we enter the New Moon portal. Just like Black Moon Lilith, the concentrated energy of Neptune in Pisces is carried forward into the lunar month ahead. This indicates that the illusion of man-made authoritarian/institutional power is even thicker than usual. People are despairing. They feel hopeless. They wonder why they exist on such a planet at all. And that's all by design, too. However, Neptune being extra potent in the zodiac also indicates a stronger than usual ability to pop those illusion-bubbles and to align with true power and authority, which includes spiritual law, natural law, and common law. Under this extra-potent Neptune in Pisces energy, we can anchor ourselves in our own spiritual authority and sovereignty, rejecting the criminality of the current power establishment. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is surprising coming from these criminal authoritarians who falsely believe they control the world. No level of violence, hatred, corruption, harm, or injustice coming from this globalized power establishment should shock us at this point. Nothing is beneath them. There is no level too low for them to stoop. And they have dutiful foot soldiers enforcing their schemes and scams at every level of government and every level of institutional power. This same murderous, injurious, corrupt, and oh-so-smug power establishment has existed on Earth for millennia. Their schemes and scams have certainly gone into overdrive since September 11, 2001 and then again when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, coinciding with the intentional mortgage collapse/derivatives schemes. But it's nothing new. Same scam, different versions. It would all be a bit of a yawn if they weren't doing such tremendous damage to life on this planet with their inane ploys for domination and control. As Pluto completes its 16-year transit of Capricorn (2008 to 2024), the institutions on this planet are being run as full-on criminal enterprises. The corruption runs right to the core of these institutions. There is not a single one that has been left untouched. There is not a single one that has pure intentions and motivations for the good of humanity. Though there are certainly still good-hearted people working within these institutions, the overall machine is corrupt to the core. Stop following criminals - moral and/or legal. Stop putting your trust in criminals and in organizations and institutions that are committing crimes against humanity and against all life on this planet. Stop giving these criminals power over you. It's as simple as that. But we have to see through the entire scheme, not just the parts of the scheme that don't suit us.

This Black Moon Lilith-infused lunar cycle has some key points in the cardinal signs when we can take action to more fully empower ourselves and others: New Moon at 7 degrees Cancer - June 28 First Quarter Moon at 14 degrees Libra - July 6 Full Moon at 21 degrees Capricorn - July 13 Last Quarter Moon at 27 degrees Aries - July 20 Dark of the Moon in Cancer - July 26 and 27 We are not marionettes to be jerked this way and that! We know our own power, and we live firmly from that place of power. Period. End of story.

Earth Mama dwarf planet, Ceres - equal in power to dwarf planet Pluto - is also in Cancer at this time, increasing the authority of the feminine, of women, and of mothers and grandmothers. Ceres in Cancer is forming a square aspect to wounded healer Chiron in Aries at the time of the Cancer New Moon, indicating more work to be done around body sovereignty, the protection of individual rights, and the nullification of state control over our bodies and lives. Health-based rights and body autonomy continue to be strong themes of the Chiron in Aries transit (2018 to 2027). Ceres in Cancer is building to an exact opposition to Pluto Rx at 27 degrees Capricorn on July 18. This opposition is extra potent because the Sun and Mercury in Cancer will also be in tight conjunction to Ceres in Cancer and opposition to Pluto Rx in Capricorn at this time (July 18 and 19, 2022). Sun-Mercury-Ceres in Cancer opposite Pluto Rx in Capricorn indicates another intense showdown between the feminine and the masculine and also between the people and the authoritarian state. We're looking to achieve a working balance and cooperation between masculine and feminine, without one force dominating the other. This astrology indicates an "enough's enough" point. The abusive and eroding effects of enforced hierarchy, patriarchy, and authoritarianism will be coming to the surface in the work world and in our day-to-day lives. We're past the point of what we can tolerate. Action will be required. A power shift is afoot. These attacks on reproductive rights, which often uncover intense historical misogyny and control (Black Moon Lilith in Cancer themes), have been ongoing for many decades and centuries. What follows is an article written in late June 2013, during Cancer season almost exactly nine years ago. At the time, Jupiter was entering Cancer for a year-long transit and formed a conjunction to Black Moon Lilith in Cancer during the ingress. Jupiter, acting as Cosmic Spotlight, illuminated and blew up some of the same issues around human rights, body sovereignty, and reproductive rights that we're dealing with today. These earlier attacks on reproductive rights set the stage for the full-on bans on abortion that we're seeing today. This time around, we have Jupiter in Aries square the Sun, Moon, and Black Moon Lilith in Cancer and Ceres in Cancer square Chiron in Aries and opposite Pluto Rx in Capricorn.

From June 26, 2013:

Wendy Davis on the Texas Senate floor June 25, 2013. Photo: Eric Gay/AP

Last night, as Jupiter ingressed Cancer and formed a conjunction to Black Moon Lilith, Texas Democrat senator Wendy Davis was Black Moon Lilith in action. Davis successfully talked for 11 straight hours on the floor of the U.S. Senate June 25 to stop an anti-abortion bill from reaching Republican Governor Rick Perry's desk. This is a move called filibustering. As Davis spoke and the midnight deadline of the Senate special session passed, the bill was officially dead - for now. Through her actions, Davis is drawing attention to the ongoing attack on women's reproductive rights in the United States. Abortion is an issue that often has difficult emotions associated - shame, guilt, sadness, fear, anger. Perfect Black Moon Lilith territory. Abortion is often kept in murky, unspoken territory in our patriarchal societies. Davis standing up on this issue in such a dramatic way - supported by men and women around the world - helps move abortion out of the shadows and into place as a basic, human health issue - where it belongs. The anti-abortion bill Davis filibustered would have banned abortion past 20 weeks of gestation, limited abortion-inducing drugs, and required that abortions be provided at ambulatory surgical centres by physicians who had admitting privileges at hospitals within 30 miles. This requirement would have closed 37 of the 42 abortion clinics in Texas, severely limiting access to abortions, especially for rural women who do not live near a hospital. You may recall that Rick Perry is the Texas Governor who passed the forced sonogram laws in 2012, which required women to have a transvaginal sonogram before they could have an abortion. The laws, which were passed in four states - Texas, Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina - required doctors to basically attempt to talk women out of having abortions right at the abortion clinic itself.

From a previous post: "These sonogram laws, brought about by pro-life Republicans, force all women seeking an abortion to submit to a transvaginal sonogram of their fetuses - involving a probe that goes into their vaginas - as the characteristics of the fetus are described to them by their doctor. The woman is then asked if she would like to see the sonogram and hear an audio recording of the fetus' heart. She can refuse this, but she cannot refuse the procedure. And in North Carolina, any woman who refuses to look at the sonogram or listen to the heartbeat has her name marked and kept in a record for seven years. The doctor is also required to discuss alternatives to abortion. Under these sonogram laws, women are also forced to wait 24 hours after the sonogram before they are able to receive an abortion, unless they live more than 100 miles from the abortion facility." Perry and his like-minded brethren are chipping away at abortion rights and limiting access to abortions all across the United States. With Pluto transiting Capricorn, there is much societal backsliding going on in the way of women's rights, and especially women's reproductive rights. There is a cloying nostalgia for good old days which were never really all that good - definitely not if you were female, gay, black, brown, poor, or working class. I wrote about this dynamic here: Pluto in Capricorn Retrospective: It's All Just a Norman Rockwell Painting, Isn't It?

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer comes knock, knock, knocking at the Texas Senate door. A crowd of mostly women gathers as Wendy Davis attempts to filibuster an anti-abortion bill June 25, 2013. Photo: Commie-Chan, Twitter

But last night, with big, beautiful benefic Jupiter conjunct the lunar apogee in Cancer, Wendy Davis stood up. She talked for 11 straight hours, reading letters from women and doctors who would be adversely affected by the bill. She could not sit down, lean on the podium, or take any breaks in speaking, aside from listening to questions from other politicians. As you can see from the photograph above, Davis may have been standing alone as Black Moon Lilith on the Senate floor, but she was not standing alone with this issue. Davis has Sun and Mercury in Taurus. This indicates she's stubborn, enduring, and has a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race ethic that ensured her filibustering success. If anyone has the stamina to speak for 11 straight hours, it's a Mercury in Taurus. Not to mention, being a Venusian, she was easy on the eyes and the ears while she did so. Davis has natal Venus in Aries and Mars in Leo, both fire signs. Davis' fight for women's reproductive rights is apropos with feminine Venus in warrior sign Aries. Her Mars in Leo indicates she has a sense of drama, that she is comfortable in the public eye, and that her actions can bring her some level of fame - especially when fighting. Davis is one of those Pluto in Virgos I keep talking about, being placed in positions of power so as to facilitate systemic change as we shift into the astrological Aquarian era. True to generational form, Davis is taking on a health issue (Virgo). Her Moon and Saturn in Aquarius indicate that she is advancing the structures (Saturn) for women's (Moon) health. She knows where we need to go, and she has taken on the responsibility and the challenge (Saturn) of leading there on an issue that is of crucial importance to women (Moon) at this time. It would seem Davis does not wish to live in a world where women are forced via top-down rules and regulations (Saturn) to become mothers (Moon) against their wills. This is not the Aquarian era she wishes to see, and it is not the Aquarian era I wish to see. Davis is currently experiencing her Chiron return in Pisces, opposite Pluto in Virgo. She is fighting on one point (Virgo) that has far-reaching effects on the whole (Pisces). Davis has a North Node in Cancer and a South Node in Capricorn, indicating that she has the talent, know-how, and work ethic to rise to prominence within the structures as they exist (Capricorn) but that she must inject soul, emotion, care, and femininity into those structures as she rises. She is not meant to follow along with the Old Boys Club. She is on a protective path, a caring path, and to reach full success and prominence, she must focus on areas that have been and are being neglected or straight-out attacked. She must act as a woman who cares. And Davis' own Black Moon Lilith placements? Her mean placement is in early Scorpio, trine transiting Jupiter and BML in Cancer. Her true Black Moon Lilith placement is in late Scorpio, opposite her Sun-Mercury in Taurus, making it a prominent force in her life. Davis grew up working class, raised by a single mother in Texas. She started working at age 14 to help support her family and became a single mother herself at age 19. She worked her way up and earned a law degree with honours from Harvard Law School. Source. This is one small victory in the slow, attempted stranglehold of conservative, male-dominated power during the Pluto in Capricorn transit. But Black Moon Lilith needs to be at the table every step of the way. Watch for opportunities to bring the deep, dark, denied feminine perspective to the table in your own lives. Gather your courage, and plant your feet, just as Wendy Davis did. As you see, you may feel you are standing alone, but Black Moon Lilith individuals around the world are behind you every step of the way.

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The Saskatchewan government & health care system are operating as murderous criminal enterprises at this point. People are being refused organ transplants if they have not had the mRNA shots. This is murder by the state, and there's no sane way to justify this.

"Happy Canada Day!

My friend needs a kidney. Got refused because he’s not 3x jabbed. He’s 52 years old.💔😢😡Here’s a copy of the refusal letter."


It's entirely possible that Roe v Wade was repealed because the "my body, my choice" was causing huge problems with the forced vax mandates. The sleight of hand is abortion, but what they're really after is taking everybody's body autonomy away.

Respondendo a

I definitely think it's all connected to the same scheme and to the issues of body autonomy and health choice.


For clarity: I fully respect people's right to be anti-abortion. What I do not respect or recognize as legitimate is the forcing of those views and ways on everyone via the authoritarian state.

I believe in freedom of choice and body autonomy. I'm in favour of people making their own decisions about their bodies, health, and lives.

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