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My Delegations on Cell Tower and 5G Dangers at the Regina City Council Cell Tower Protocol Meetings

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

The Pluto in Aquarius work is hot and heavy already! I'm posting this work as documentation of the ongoing and historical opposition to cell tower densification and the 5G wireless rollout. This fight is going on worldwide with millions of people involved. This information is meant to assist people in resistance to these toxic schemes in their own areas. We just witnessed a crime against Reginans and against biological life last night at the Regina City Council meeting, and these same crimes are being committed, lock-step, by City Councils all across Canada and all across the planet.

On May 24, 2023, following multiple delegations and many peer-reviewed studies proving the folly and criminality of their actions, Regina City Council rubber-stamped a gutless cell tower protocol that calls for a cell tower setback of 1.5 times the height of the tower. This would amount to somewhere between 50 and 150 metres. This approved setback is laughable and entirely inadequate for safety. We know from many studies that there is an increased incidence of cancer, neurobehavioral problems, radiation sickness, and other ill effects when people live within 500 METRES of a tower.

SaskTel, the provincial government, City Hall, and local media are all working in concert to promote this pointless and useless cell tower protocol, and here's the real loophole: since 5G small cell antennae are tiny and are affixed to lightposts and the sides of buildings, this setback does not apply to any of that toxic 5G infrastructure. These are the members of Regina City Council who approved the inadequate setback: Sandra Masters, Bob Hawkins, Cheryl Stadnichuk, Andrew Stevens, Lori Bresciani, John Findura, Daniel LeBlanc, Terina Nelson, Shanon Zachidniak, Jason Mancinelli, and Landon Mohl. The mayor and councilors, involved members of the City Clerk's office, SaskTel employees, Minister Don Morgan, and members of the provincial government are all complicit. This is a declaration that we know who is harming us, and we demand an immediate end to these crimes. This is my second five-minute delegation on the dangers of cell towers and 5G wireless, presented at the Regina City Council meeting on the cell tower protocol on May 24, 2023: "I’m one of the many electromagnetically sensitive residents of Regina who is being harmed by current cell tower installations in the city. I’ve experienced serious ill effects after coming into inadvertent contact with multiple cell towers in Regina.

Already, cell tower radiation levels in Regina are near-intolerable for EMF sensitive people, and plans to expand the dangerous and highly-secretive 5G wireless rollout would add hundreds of new radiation-emitting antennae, base stations, and cell towers to the city.

Residents of Regina should be aware that Regina City Council is providing its concurrence on cell tower locations in the city with zero consideration for health and safety. Incredibly, the City of Regina claims that related health and safety concerns are “out of its jurisdiction.” This is not leadership, and it is, in fact, morally criminal.

The federal safety standards being touted – Safety Code 6 – were written decades ago and do not protect from non-thermal (ie. wireless) radiation.

Thousands of cities and municipalities worldwide have worked to halt the 5G rollout in their areas, citing health and safety concerns, among many other problems including surveillance. Regina City Council could take many steps to halt the installation of new cell towers and 5G infrastructure in the city, but it has chosen to take none of these steps.

In fact, in 2019, the City of Regina vied for federal government grant money for bringing Smart City infrastructure to Regina in what was called a “Smart Cities Challenge.” Residents should be aware that the City of Regina has shown support for making Regina a Smart City. The creation of 5G-driven Smart Cities is tied to the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 and its so-called “Sustainable Development Goals.” Let’s just say, there is nothing “clean, green, or sustainable” about these agendas.

Regina City Council has already heard from multiple electromagnetically-sensitive delegates at the August 17, 2022 City Council meeting on the cell tower protocol.

Of the nine delegations at that meeting, eight were opposed to the new proposed cell towers. Only one delegation was in favour, and that delegation was employees of SaskTel - the corporation financially benefitting from cell tower densification and the 5G wireless rollout.

Local media coverage of cell tower dangers has been abysmal, almost entirely ignoring and downplaying the known human health concerns, including from electromagnetically sensitive residents of Regina.

From previous population survey studies, a conservative estimate is that 5% of the world’s population experiences ill effects from wireless radiation exposures. In some of these people, the debilitation is severe, to the point of disability. In a city of 200,000 people like Regina, this means at least 10,000 residents experience some ill effects from wireless radiation and cell towers. If a survey were done in the areas surrounding the currently-existing towers in Regina, you would see many of the symptoms of electro-sensitivity being reported, which can include:

- intolerance to cell towers and wireless devices

- headaches

- extreme fatigue

- cognitive and memory problems

- dizziness

- insomnia and sleep disturbances

- tinnitus

- vision changes

- tingling or burning sensations in the skin, body, hands or feet

- heart palpitations

- feelings of pressure in the chest or head

- trouble breathing

- nausea or lack of appetite

- mood changes and neuro-psychiatric effects like depression, anxiety, anger, irritability, or symptoms of schizophrenia

- muscle twitching

- hair loss

Electromagnetic sensitivity is a condition on the rise worldwide, and we are simply the canaries in the coal mine. The wireless radiation that harms us immediately will harm others over a longer timeline. We’ve known for decades that people experience ill health when living and working around cell towers, but this knowledge is being ignored by Regina City Council, by SaskTel, by local media, and by all levels of government.

I and others have submitted over 100 studies showing health harm and biological effects from wireless radiation, including at levels lower than the government and telecommunications industry claim are safe.

The City’s cell tower protocol is suggesting a cell tower setback of around 50 metres. This is laughable and in no way adequate for safety. A 2004 study showed that people were three times more likely to get cancer if they lived within 400 metres of a cell tower, and that study was done on 2G and 3G towers, which produce much less powerful radiation than 5G towers. There are already thousands of Reginans living and working closer than 400 metres to a cell tower, and this gutless cell tower protocol allows City Council to continue rubber-stamping new cell towers and the 5G rollout as it strives to make Regina a Smart City.

Continued cell tower and antennae densification in Regina would create an urban environment toxic to biological life – human, animal, and plant. It would create a city where it is impossible to avoid dangerous, involuntary wireless radiation exposures simply by walking down a city street. It would force a mass migration of electromagnetically-sensitive residents and homeowners out of the city. Stop the tremendously dangerous 5G wireless rollout in Regina. Place a moratorium on all new cell towers, antennae, and base stations. Apply a retroactive setback of at least 500 metres for current cell towers, base stations, and antennae."

These are the supplemental documents I submitted with my delegation:

Peer Reviewed Published Research on Cell Tower and Wireless Radiation
Download PDF • 276KB
EMF sensitivity studies prevalence in population full text
Download PDF • 161KB
Thousands of Cities and Municipalities Have Taken Action to Halt the 5G Wireless Rollout
Download P • 637KB

This is my first five-minute delegation on cell tower and 5G wireless dangers, presented at the Regina City Council meeting on the cell tower protocol on August 17, 2022:

"I’m here today to speak against the plan for more cell towers to be erected in residential and business areas of Regina.

I’m an electromagnetically sensitive person and will, without a doubt, be harmed by additional cell towers in the city. Already, I can barely tolerate the levels of radiation in Regina, and I’m far from the only resident experiencing this.

I experience many debilitating symptoms from wireless devices and cell towers, including fatigue, headaches, dizziness, tingling in my hands and feet, heart palpitations, heaviness in my chest, insomnia, and pain.

I would suggest that a survey of people living around the already-existing cell towers in Regina would show similar symptoms.

Electromagnetic sensitivity is a condition that is on the rise worldwide, and we are simply the canaries in the coal mine. The electromagnetic radiation that harms us immediately will harm others over a longer timeline. We’ve known for decades now that people experience ill health when living and working around cell towers, but this knowledge is being ignored in the rush to roll out 5G (fifth generation) wireless technology worldwide.

There are more than 10,000 scientific studies and a mountain of anecdotal evidence showing health harm and biological effects from even low doses of non-ionizing radiation – doses lower than government and industry claim are safe. These adverse effects are seen in humans, animals, insects, and plants.

Some of the health damage documented in these studies includes altered heart rhythms; neurological and neuro-psychiatric problems like headaches, depression, fatigue, insomnia, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, and memory dysfunction; DNA damage; cell death; increased oxidative stress; increased incidence of cancer; disrupted calcium levels; and lowered fertility. A 2004 study titled ‘The Influence of Being Physically Near to a Cell Phone Transmission Mast on the Incidence of Cancer’ showed that people were three times more likely to get cancer if they lived within 400 metres of a cell tower. There are already thousands of Reginans living and working closer than 400 metres to a cell tower. Because 5G technology requires many more cell towers in closer proximity to people's homes and businesses, almost everyone on Earth would be living within 400 metres of a cell tower if the planned 5G rollout is allowed to continue. In 2004, the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) passed a resolution opposing the installation of cell towers on fire stations in the U.S. and Canada. This followed increasing complaints from fire fighters about adverse health effects. A 2004 brain study of California fire fighters exposed to cell tower radiation over the previous five years showed brain abnormalities, cognitive impairment, delayed reaction time, and lack of impulse control.

So why are cell towers now being placed near schools, daycares, libraries, churches, businesses, and residences?

The health effects experienced by the fire fighters in the early 2000s were occurring with 2G cell towers. 5G radiation is many times more intense than previous generations, exposing people to potentially hundreds of new pulsed frequencies in an intensity to which we have never before been exposed – up to 30 GHz with microwaves, and up to 300 GHz with millimetre waves. Councilor Bob Hawkins has been quoted in local media stating that the aesthetic ugliness of cell towers could be the only possible objection from the public. This is very far from the truth. Millions of people all over the world oppose 5G and are fighting to have cell towers removed or blocked from their neighbourhoods.

Tens of thousands of scientists and doctors worldwide have signed petitions calling for the halt of untested 5G technology, citing health and safety concerns.

The proposal to erect a cell tower, quite possibly 5G equipped, very near two elementary schools in Harbour Landing is particularly disturbing.

In 2019, after immense public pressure, parents of students at Weston Elementary School in Ripon, California finally won the right to remove a cell tower on the campus of that school only after tremendous health damage was done. From 2016 to 2019, four students and three teachers at the school were diagnosed with different forms of cancer. I do not wish to see a repeat of this scenario in Regina. Millions of people around the world oppose the rollout of dangerous 5G technology for other reasons, as well, which include the creation of 5G and 6G-driven “Smart Cities,” the Internet of Things; electronic monitoring, tracking, tracing, and surveillance, including facial recognition cameras; automation leading to the mass loss of jobs; and the use of artificial intelligence, including in police and military. 5G technology is untested for health and safety, especially for long term exposures. There are zero scientific studies showing that 5G radiation is safe, and this especially goes for millimetre waves. The Federal Government's safety standards, Safety Code 6, are terribly outdated and do not protect Canadians from non-ionizing radiation at all. Safety Code 6 was written decades ago, before wireless devices and cell towers were used widely in society, and covers only thermal radiation. In light of the known dangers, the new cell towers, including 5G-equipped towers, being proposed for Regina must be stopped, and continued densification of cell towers in the city must halt. Unsafe towers that are currently installed in Regina must be moved outside areas where people live, work, and go to school. Thank you."

Evidence for a health risk by RF on humans living around mobile phone base stations: From radiofrequency sickness to cancer by A. Balmori, 2022 Link: "Abstract The objective of this work was to perform a complete review of the existing scientific literature to update the knowledge on the effects of base station antennas on humans. Studies performed in real urban conditions, with mobile phone base stations situated close to apartments, were selected. Overall results of this review show three types of effects by base station antennas on the health of people: radiofrequency sickness (RS), cancer (C) and changes in biochemical parameters (CBP). Considering all the studies reviewed globally (n = 38), 73.6% (28/38) showed effects: 73.9% (17/23) for radiofrequency sickness, 76.9% (10/13) for cancer and 75.0% (6/8) for changes in biochemical parameters. Furthermore, studies that did not meet the strict conditions to be included in this review provided important supplementary evidence. The existence of similar effects from studies by different sources (but with RF of similar characteristics), such as radar, radio and television antennas, wireless smart meters and laboratory studies, reinforce the conclusions of this review. Of special importance are the studies performed on animals or trees near base station antennas that cannot be aware of their proximity and to which psychosomatic effects can never be attributed. Introduction During the last few decades, hundreds of thousands of mobile phone base stations and other types of wireless communications antennas have been installed around the world, in cities and in nature, including protected natural areas, in addition to pre-existing antennas (television, radio broadcasting, radar, etc.). Only the aesthetic aspects or urban regulations have been generally considered in this deployment, while the biological, environmental and health impacts of the associated non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation emissions have not been assessed so far. Therefore, the effects on humans living around these anthropogenic electromagnetic field sources (antennas) have not been considered. Conclusion In the current circumstances, it seems that the scientific experts in the field are very clear about the serious problems we are facing and have expressed this through important appeals (Blank et al., 2015; Hardell and Nyberg, 2020). However, the media, the responsible organizations (World Health Organization, 2015) and the governments are not transmitting this crucial information to the population, who remain uninformed. For these reasons, the current situation will probably end in a crisis."

Epidemiological Evidence for a Health Risk from Mobile Phone Base Stations by Amparo Alonso-betanzos and Lennart Hardell, 2010, International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health Link: “Human populations are increasingly exposed to microwave/radiofrequency (RF) emissions from wireless communication technology, including mobile phones and their base stations. By searching PubMed, we identified a total of 10 epidemiological studies that assessed for putative health effects of mobile phone base stations. Seven of these studies explored the association between base station proximity and neurobehavioral effects and three investigated cancer. We found that eight of the 10 studies reported increased prevalence of adverse neurobehavioral symptoms or cancer in populations living at distances < 500 meters from base stations. None of the studies reported exposure above accepted international guidelines, suggesting that current guidelines may be inadequate in protecting the health of human populations. We believe that comprehensive epidemiological studies of longterm mobile phone base station exposure are urgently required to more definitively understand its health impact.”

Scientific evidence invalidates health assumptions underlying the FCC and ICNIRP exposure limit determinations for radiofrequency radiation: implications for 5G Published in the journal, Environmental Health, 2022

Link: “In this paper, we show how the past 25 years of extensive research on RFR demonstrates that the assumptions underlying the FCC’s and ICNIRP’s exposure limits are invalid and continue to present a public health harm. Adverse effects observed at exposures below the assumed threshold SAR include non-thermal induction of reactive oxygen species, DNA damage, cardiomyopathy, carcinogenicity, sperm damage, and neurological effects, including electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Also, multiple human studies have found statistically significant associations between RFR exposure and increased brain and thyroid cancer risk. Yet, in 2020, and in light of the body of evidence reviewed in this article, the FCC and ICNIRP reaffirmed the same limits that were established in the 1990s. Consequently, these exposure limits, which are based on false suppositions, do not adequately protect workers, children, hypersensitive individuals, and the general population from short-term or long-term RFR exposures. Thus, urgently needed are health protective exposure limits for humans and the environment. These limits must be based on scientific evidence rather than on erroneous assumptions, especially given the increasing worldwide exposures of people and the environment to RFR, including novel forms of radiation from 5G telecommunications for which there are no adequate health effects studies.” The Influence of Being Physically Near to a Cell Phone Transmission Mast on the Incidence of Cancer by Horst Eger, Klaus Uwe Hagen, Birgitt Lucas, and Peter Vogel

Link: PDF file - “The result of the study shows that the proportion of newly developing cancer cases was significantly higher among those patients who had lived during the past ten years at a distance of up to 400 metres from the cellular transmitter site, which has been in operation since 1993, compared to those patients living further away, and that the patients fell ill on average 8 years earlier. In the years 1999-2004, ie after five years' operation of the transmitting installation, the relative risk of getting cancer had trebled for the residents of the area in the proximity of the installation compared to the inhabitants of Naila outside the area.”


Cell Tower Injuries Testimonial - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (videos posted February 22, 2024)




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