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Happy Equinox! A New Moon in Libra Opposite Jupiter Rx in Aries Provides a Social Fresh Start

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Photos by Willow, available at Etsy

Happy Equinox, northern hemisphere dwellers!

The Sun enters Libra tonight at 7:03 p.m. CST, marking fall equinox in the northern hemisphere. As the daylight hours and nighttime hours become perfectly balanced, we take some time to balance ourselves and our lives, as well. Fall equinox provides a moment that feels almost suspended in time, a moment for us to take a deep breath after a busy summer.

As we move into Libra season each year, most people are back to work or back to school and have settled into their new routines. Garden produce has been mostly harvested with garden beds cleaned up and prepared for next year. Ranchers have baled their hay for the year and mostly hauled it home. Harvest for grain farmers is complete or nearing completion. Whatever work we've been busy doing all Virgo season, equinox provides a little breather.

Venus-ruled Libra is a sign related to relationships, social life, and art, among other things, so Libra season (September 22 to October 23) is a time of stronger social energy - fall get-togethers, parties, backyard fires, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, tipping back a little cider, and the last outdoor farmers and craft markets of the year.

We know winter is soon on its way, but for now, we get to soak up the last bit of toasty warmth in the Sun, enjoying both the beautiful fall leaves and the beautiful people in our lives. Every last moment before the snow flies is precious!

The fall of 2022 appears to be an even more sociable time than usual, as action planet Mars is in an extended, seven-month transit of social butterfly Gemini. Mars is in the shadow of its upcoming retrograde until October 30, indicating a period of super-charged connections, conversations, information-sharing, and networking.

The sign Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, and we will experience a potent conjunction of the Sun and Mercury retrograde on the zero degree of Libra to mark fall equinox. The Sun-Mercury Rx conjunction at zero degrees Libra occurs on September 23 at 12:50 a.m. CST. This, again, indicates the importance of reaching out, connecting, and making the effort to get together with those we like and love this Libra season.

On the zero degree of Libra, this Sun-Mercury Rx conjunction indicates fresh social starts and new beginnings in the social realms. We start again. We start a-fresh. Because the people we love, no matter how frictional our relationships may be, are worth it. Because people and community are worth it. Because humanity is worth it. Because renewing the social fabric that supports us all at one time or another is, without a doubt, worth it.

Just following fall equinox, we will experience a New Moon at 2 degrees Libra (September 25 at 3:54 p.m. CST). This New Moon occurs in a tight opposition to Jupiter retrograde at 3 degrees Aries.

New Moon in Libra opposite Jupiter Rx in Aries - September 25, 2022

This Sun-Moon in Libra opposition to Jupiter Rx in Aries at the time of the New Moon indicates that we're working intensively, throughout the lunar cycle, to balance our identities (who we are and what we're about) with our social and relationship needs. Aries opposite Libra is the fine balance between me and we. We're balancing and re-balancing these things until we can engage harmoniously and peaceably in relationships and social settings without detrimentally compromising who we are and how we really think and feel.

We're coming out of an incredibly socially divisive time on Earth, a time that I would say was intentionally orchestrated, a time when individuals were often required to battle for their rights, freedoms, lives, and livelihoods within social, professional, community, and institutional realms. We have had to battle in an ongoing way to live under our own sovereignty, free to live our lives and to make our own decisions, including health-based decisions.

The global "lockdowns" and mandates over the past 2.5 years have divided families, friends, workplaces, groups, and communities in truly heartbreaking ways.

Now, this Libra season, we have some time to repair our frayed relationships, societies, and social connections.

At the same time, we're peacefully letting go - with love - of the people, relationships, groups, and organizations that are too far across the chasm, that come into too violent a clash with our own views and ways. This is our right, though there is sadness involved.

As we work our way through the Libra lunar cycle from September 25 to October 25, we're opening into brand new social territory. How new this territory really is cannot be overstated. This is "duckling just after breaking out of the shell" territory. This is "baby deer taking its first steps on its long and gangly legs" territory.

We're officially turning a page, beginning a brand new social and relational chapter...because we're choosing it. Because we value it. Because we're willing to work for it. Because we know how important it is. We're re-committing to our relationships, to our social networks, and to the social fabric, in general. But it's very early days. It's all still a bit experimental.

We're very carefully and very gingerly taking our first new steps into an entirely changed social atmosphere, and frankly, it's a bit scary.

The Sabian Symbols for both the New Moon at 2 degrees Libra and Jupiter Rx in Aries sum up the situation quite nicely. And I didn't even look at these symbols until I had written the text above!

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 2 degrees Libra is:

The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed

Yes, indeed.

The Sabian Symbol for Jupiter at 3 degrees Aries is:

Two Lovers Are Strolling Through a Secluded Walk

These two symbols, on opposite ends of the zodiac, illuminate the energies of this equinox, this Libra season, and this Libra lunar cycle. We're working to cultivate, in our own relations, the same peace, harmony, and mutual enjoyment indicated by the lovers on their stroll, and these lovers remain relaxed as they stroll into completely new territory, into a completely altered social atmosphere.

This is a time for relaxation and enjoyment, not for stress and conflict. Frictional exchanges might occur, but they must be moved out of as quickly as possible.

The Libra New Moon opposite Jupiter Rx in Aries will form a cardinal T-square with female warrior asteroid Pallas Athene in Cancer and the true placement of Black Moon Lilith in Cancer. This indicates what we already know and sense: emotionally, people are raw. They've been pushed to the limits of what they can tolerate - and even beyond. There is deep fear related to protecting those we love from harm. Emotions are ragged. People are over-sensitized to perspectives they find threatening. It doesn't take much to kick off a trigger and to stir an unexpectedly harsh emotional reaction.

Did I mention we're walking through this new social terrain carefully? And gingerly? Like a baby deer on new legs?

Not all relationships and social connections will endure in this new territory, but we're forging ahead with optimism, nonetheless. We're fighting for our relationships, our social connections, and our social lives this Libra season. We won't let them go without first fighting to get them securely onto this new social ground.

At the time of the Libra New Moon on September 25, Libra's ruling planet, Venus, is at 26 degrees Virgo in an exact trine to Pluto at 26 degrees Capricorn. Pluto is extra potent and concentrated in the zodiac this Libra season, as it stations direct October 8. Mercury retrograde is also in late Virgo and backs into an exact conjunction to Venus and an exact trine to Pluto on September 26. The Venus-Mercury Rx conjunction in Virgo will also occur in tight opposition to Neptune Rx at 23 degrees Pisces.

The strong Virgo influence under the Venus-Mercury Rx conjunction shows that we still have some work to do as we strive for harmonious, peaceful, and stable social connections within the very altered social landscape. There are some sticky issues that could be coming up and some points of clarification, and these will need to be addressed either through direct communication or through adjustments in tone. With the tight opposition to Neptune Rx in Pisces, much can also be accomplished by simply holding awareness of the differences or points of contention/debate. Definitely hold off on harsh criticisms or judgement - two Virgo pitfalls. The influence of Neptune in Pisces indicates increased emotional sensitivity.

Virgo is a sign that works proactively in the current moment to head off bigger problems down the road. With the strong influence of Venus conjunct Mercury Rx in Virgo on the Libra New Moon and following lunar cycle, we're working out some of the fine points, the fine details, the fine distinctions. We're sanding down some of the rough edges and soothing some of the frayed nerves produced over the past 2.5 years on this planet.

Libra's ruling planet, Venus, leaves the sign of its fall, Virgo, and enters much more comfortable territory in its own sign of Libra on September 29. As of September 29, we can relax a little more into the social flow.

At fall equinox and throughout the Libra lunar cycle, we're becoming a bit more balanced in our social interactions and relationships. Things are not exactly comfortable, but they're much improved from the extreme social militancy earlier in the year.

At this point, we have a better understanding of where people stand on the lockdown/mandate issues and why. We have a better understanding of who trusts the mainstream media, government, pharmaceuticals corporations, and World Health Organization...and who does not. The shock and horror we might have felt coming into contact with the wildly different takes on the Covid situation have started to wear off a little. We're getting a better handle on this new social environment. We're adjusting. (And isn't it amazing to what extent human beings can adjust?) We've worked that Taurus North Node all year so far to draw new lines in the sand, being particularly sensitive to personal boundaries and comfort zones - both our own and those of others.

But we really and truly are in completely changed territory - socially, professionally, and on a community level - and our differences aren't going anywhere.

We're now entering Phase Two of the biggest global psychological operative this planet has ever seen, and this is an even more insidious phase. It's more embedded, more entrenched.

Lord of the Underworld Pluto enters Aquarius in March 2023, setting up shop on the potent zero degree of Aquarius from March 23 to June 11, 2023. The control freak social engineers will be attempting to set a tone during this period, an early anchoring point for their globalized, Technocratic authoritarianism disguised as Grand Humanitarianism For the Greater Good.

There will be an early push in spring 2023 to anchor in the highly-irradiated, highly-controlled, and highly-surveilled version of SmartLife(TM) they have planned for implementation throughout the Pluto in Aquarius transit (2023 to 2044). This programme of Digitized Dystopia may look all shiny and glow-y and humanitarian-y on the surface, but this is pure PR spin. It is Digitized Dystopian Hell (Pluto) in practice and in reality.

As mentioned, Venusian Libra is related to arts and culture. Arts and culture are generally considered things that make humans human. They're things that uplift, inspire, heal, connect, support, and sustain. But under this programme of globalized Technocratic authoritarianism, arts and culture are being poisoned (Pluto) with a terribly detrimental version of the future (Aquarius).

I recently found this graphic (below) posted on a social media page for Saskatchewan Museums. Saskatchewan is a province in Canada.

You can see the website and associated pdf document here.

This graphic, shared by an umbrella group for Saskatchewan museums, is an indicator that all museums, art galleries, and cultural institutions in Canada that receive government money (which is almost all of them) will be promoting the United Nations' Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development Goals, Smart Cities/Farms, 5G/6G, and Technocracy.

Anyone who works for a museum, art gallery, library, or other cultural institution that receives government funding will be expected to promote these ideas, including to children. Their paycheques will depend on it.

As you can see, the development of Smart Cities (and Smart Farms) are a major part of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Smart cities and ICTs seen as a keys to unlocking the potential of sustainable development goals ICT for Sustainable Development

The 5G (fifth generation) wireless rollout is the technological infrastructure that underpins an entirely socially engineered, controlled, and surveilled version of SmartLife(TM) on Earth. It is the infrastructure being utilized to bring in such things as:

- Smart Cities

- Smart Farms

- The Internet of Things

- The Internet of Humans

- widespread use of artificial intelligence, including in police and military

- widespread automation of almost all aspects of society, leading to the mass loss of jobs and meaningful work

- electronic monitoring, tracking, tracing, and surveillance, including facial recognition cameras on every city block and video surveillance from space

- health surveillance

- transhumanism

- Universal Basic Income tied to Social Credit Score

- forced urbanization through starving rural areas of resources

Elementary schools in Canada and Europe are already pushing the United Nations' meat-free agenda, teaching children in Grades 3 to 5 that crickets are a better (and more "sustainable") source of protein than real meat. Not surprisingly, these crickets are also being produced with artificial intelligence! This is an early version of "Smart Farming."

These are images of handouts being used in Canadian elementary schools in British Columbia and Saskatchewan:

"The Farm of the Future?" - crickets produced via artificial intelligence

No thanks.

This is an image of a handout being given to schoolchildren in Europe - "10 Reasons You Should Eat Bugs":

With power-related Pluto going back and forth in late Capricorn (institutions, structures, protocols) and early Aquarius (future, technology, global) in 2023 and 2024, there will be ongoing attempts to embed poisonous (Pluto) ideas about the globalized future (Aquarius) through all institutions that receive government funding - schools, universities, media, art galleries, museums, libraries, and more.

The really terrible thing is how many otherwise intelligent and caring people they have swept up in these schemes. People are promoting ideas that are entirely detrimental to human beings and to all living things on this planet because they fell for the glossy and monied PR spin about this Grand Humanitarian Future.

"It's all for the greater good. It's all for the greater good. It's all for the greater good."

On the surface, at face value, it all sounds fabulous. But it is not the stated goals that are the problem. It's the methods by which the goals are meant to be achieved, as well as the ulterior motives (control, control, control) underpinning the schemes in the first place.

Who wouldn't want to end poverty?

But do you want to end poverty by eliminating all small businesses and family farms, all independent work and income sources, making people dependent on government for a Universal Basic Income tied to a Social Credit Score? (ie. live how the Technocrats tell you to live, or don't receive your income)

Who wouldn't want to end ill health?

But as we can see from this World Health Organization-directed Covid debacle, forced experimental mRNA shots, forced masking, forced social distancing, and rolling "lockdowns" were only the beginning as far as how the Technocratic state desires to "make us healthy." Monitoring our food and drink intake, our exercise, even our bowel movements and urine is on the docket, followed by limiting the foods and drinks we can purchase. Are you, like me, a person on a restricted diet who needs good quality meat? Well, too bad! Indigestible insects are the protein of the future, the only protein of the future! You will eat them and be happy, so they say.

These are just two examples of the radical changes to human societies that are on the docket if the United Nations' Agenda 2030, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the 5G/6G grid gain traction.

These "Grand Visions for the Humanitarian Future" are in the process of being embedded in every institution in society. They are in the process of being embedded in the brains of well-meaning but highly misguided people. If you know a teacher, a professor, a librarian, a mainstream artist, a museum curator, a politician, or anyone else who works in a government-funded institution, you will most likely hear them promoting some version of this Technocratic Faux-Humanitarian ideology.

It's being embedded right into the fabric of our communities. And it's up to us to expose all this, to reject it, and to choose to live a better way.

(Spoiler alert: the Technocrats think they have this all sown up, but the Pluto in Aquarius transit is actually the chapter in Earth's history where humanity (Aquarius) accesses its full collective genius, takes independent control, and nullifies the influence of corrupt power (Pluto) on Earth...)

As mentioned, the differences among us that have been so pronounced during the Covid debacle aren't going anywhere! And we will get a little preview of these frictions in November 2022.

The social and relational work we do during this Libra season (September 22 to October 23) will be tested by fire during Scorpio season (October 23 to November 22).

The Sun forms a conjunction to Venus just as both planets enter Scorpio on October 23. This conjunction - once again - occurs on the very potent and initiatory zero degree of the sign. There's a clearing of the emotional, psychological, and energetic slate on the horizon. Hoo boy.

The Sun-Venus conjunction is followed by a New Moon at 2 degrees Scorpio on October 25 (4:49 a.m.), still exactly conjunct Venus and loosely conjunct Mercury. Things start to get deeper, and we really start to suss out which connections have long-term compatibility and longevity in this new social terrain.

There are some unresolved or unspoken things simmering, rumbling, beneath the surface, and these are pushed to a head as Venus, the Sun, and then Mercury all cross the South Node of the Moon at 13 degrees Scorpio during the first week of November and then activate the Saturn-Uranus square, which is mercifully forming its final near-exact aspect.

This is also the peak intensity point for the Scorpio lunar cycle, as we experience a Full Moon total lunar eclipse at 16 degrees Taurus on November 8, which activates both the nodal axis and the Saturn-Uranus square.

Venus in Scorpio conjunct the South Node of the Moon in Scorpio (13 degrees) - November 3

Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus (17 degrees) - November 5

Sun in Scorpio conjunct the South Node of the Moon in Scorpio (13 degrees) - November 6

Venus in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius (18 degrees) - November 7

Mercury in Scorpio conjunct the South Node of the Moon in Scorpio (13 degrees) - November 7

Full Moon total lunar eclipse at 16 degrees Taurus - November 7/8

Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus (16 degrees) - November 8

Sun in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus (16 degrees) - November 9

Mercury in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius (18 degrees) - November 10

Sun in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius (18 degrees) - November 11

There is some intense digging, some intense re-configuring, and some intense processing on the docket during the first half of November. Fair warning.

One of the major divisions at the moment is between the people who see the mass injuries and deaths being caused by the mRNA shots and boosters...and the people who believe these injuries and deaths really are unexplainable. It's not normal to see stories of children and teenagers dying every week from cardiac events (not to mention all the adults), but this is what's happening in the world.

"Died suddenly." "Died unexpectedly." "Unknown cause of death."

Scorpio is a sign related to death, regeneration, and secrets. It's also a sign that works to get to the root of the matter, to the core realities. So this scenario is the pink elephant in the room this Scorpio season.

If Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) has now taken hold, as we have been warned about since before the shots were rolled out, this October/November could be extremely harsh with recurring illnesses or even deaths in those who have received the mRNA shots and boosters. Of course, I do not want to see anyone harmed or killed. But Scorpio is required to see, unblinking, right to the core of the matter, no matter how ugly the view. We know ADE is a possibility. We've been warned repeatedly about it - though not through mainstream channels.

Within the context of this highly charged and uber intense Scorpio season, we start to see more clearly which social connections and relationships have enough common ground to overcome the differences...and which do not. We feel this, whether we want to or not. We need people we can trust and rely on when the chips are down, and the situation over the past 2.5 years has drilled that home. This Scorpio season continues that drilling...

Some degree of social turbulence and unease can be expected with Venus transiting the sign of its detriment, Scorpio, until November 16, but if we're brave, unflinching souls and use the energies well, we can make our relationships deeper and stronger, better able to withstand the traumas being thrown at humanity, left and right, at this time on Planet Earth.

In many cases, we will have enough mutual love, respect, and common ground to re-frame our differences in a way that does not de-stabilize or end our relationships. But in some cases, the differences will be too harsh to overcome.

If you experience yourself being dropped by some of the people you know or being excluded by groups, accept this matter-of-factly, and reconfigure your life without these influences in it. One of the major lessons of Scorpio is the lesson of letting go of that which no longer brings benefit.

During the first oh-so-intense half of November, we're driving strongly into the Taurus North Node, applying new relational boundaries where we can but gently releasing people, relationships, or groups when it is not possible to continue, when the energetic load and differences are too great.

We're releasing, with love, those with whom we no longer share common ground, and we're also being released ourselves by others. Simultaneously, we're shielding ourselves from the very poisonous versions of the future being promoted and embedded in our societies and communities.

You're one of the brave ones. Remember that. Thank you for being here in these times.

There's beauty all around us. Enjoy it.


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