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Fortification for the Plutonic Soul

The Scorpy types. The Plutonics. We're a little cliched in astrology circles simply because there has been so much written, discussed, and hashed over on these subjects. But really, there's a reason for the cliches and the time spent analyzing. Without astrology and a semblance of an understanding of the processes and cycles Plutonics go through, how would we even survive? Even with astrology, it seems touch-and-go at times.

And this is not to be depressing, negative, or pessimistic, all you non-Plutonics out there. It's just reality. If you don't go through these processes, if you don't live them on a regular, sometimes daily, basis, I don't think you could understand it. I know the same can be said for a lot of situations and conditions people live through - you don't understand it until you live it. I understand we all have our difficulties to bear, and I know there are other planets, dwarf or otherwise, that bring their own forms of misery. Saturn and Neptune both create almost impossibly difficult circumstances of their own at times, as do many others.

There's a difference between a Pluto transit to one of your natal planets or a transiting planet in Scorpio touching off a Plutonic hell-ride and having a natal Sun, Moon, or stellium in Scorpio or a tight natal aspect to Pluto. I know the transits are unbelievably harsh at times, but they will pass. Your natal chart won't.

And so Plutonic types have some thorny dilemmas to chew over and work out:

How to create successful and soul-satisfying relationships with non-Plutonic people. How to keep your shit to yourself, your unending processing to yourself, but at the same time find the day-to-day love, sharing, acceptance, mutuality, and intimacy desired within a real relationship. Because Plutonic types need that. If they don't have it, they'll stay out of relationships altogether.

How to keep from envying or resenting those who don't have to slog quite so heavily though the Plutonic muck. Those feelings are natural but could put an end to any kind of mutuality or equality that could exist.

And how to find the strength, energy, and courage to love the other person as they need to be loved while simultaneously going through all this craziness.

How to even believe you deserve another person's love and affection when you're at your most hell-tastic, exhausted, and repulsive, when your energetic being feels like a series of nuclear explosions going off, when the nuclear fallout is coursing through your system, removing layers of yourself that you really, actually thought you were going to need. Erupting volcanoes painfully twisting and morphing your elemental structure into something Pluto finds more pleasing, for as long as it deems necessary.

And when you're mourning those lost layers, those released selves, those versions of yourself that you really, actually liked. Those hoped-for versions of life and relationships and planetary conditions that you held, deeply-cherished, as secret in your heart. Because maybe if you kept them secret and very, very quiet and told no one but yourself, Pluto would leave those ones alone.


T'was not to be.

And when you've gently kissed those other versions of yourself goodbye and guided them into their places in the constellation that is you beyond this Earthly plane, how to trust that there is someone who could love what's left of you, to love you how you need to be loved. And how to trust that you have enough left in you to love them.

How to trust that another person could hold you how you need to be held, without adding any more shit to the heaping plate you've already been served by God or fate or the universe or your natal chart or the gung-ho mission you're got for yourself on this planet.

How to trust that the depth of acceptance necessary would be there for you in a sustained way.

It's a rough one, even with other Plutonic types.

As a member of the Pluto in Libra generation (born 1971/72 to 1983/84), there's a certain element of this Plutonic stuff that makes relationships seem almost unfathomable at times, but relationships and the social fabric are a big part of why the Pluto in Libras are here - truly a case of what nourishes us also destroys us.

I often feel like an alchemical chain reaction instead of a person (though this does happen less as I get older). I remember when I was younger and I realized for the first time that I was energy - that this physical form or matter was not really what I am. It made me cry because I knew that realization had changed everything. Me understanding this meant I would never be "normal." I would never have the understanding and awareness of being human that most people had, and I knew how isolating that was going to be.

Having a strong Scorpionic or Plutonic signature in your chart often means that you will be dragged through Hell - sometimes off and on, sometimes seemingly continuously - during your lifetime on this planet. You will be aware, often painfully so, of underlying realities that other people remain blissfully unaware of. That's part of the burden and part of what makes it so heavy. You will often crave relief from your conditions to such an extent that you wish to no longer be here on this planet traipsing through them. It's not a death wish. Most of us don't want to die. It's just an all-encompassing desire to no longer live through this particular brand of isolating misery. And these days, with energetic warfare at full tilt, it's not uncommon to feel like a sick, irradiated animal who just wants to crawl off into the shade of a tree somewhere and wait for it all to pass.

Pretty hot, huh? Pretty sexy?

And all this is pretty fucking heavy, especially for those who do not live in such conditions or awareness. We Plutonics get that. We get that it's tricky to be around us at times. Hell, we don't want to be around us at times.

And so all this complexity, how to work with all this complexity in relationship to other people.

Part of this involves acknowledging and honouring the Plutonic awareness as we relate to other people in this world. We can't hide ourselves to make our reality more palatable for others. That would be contrary to our goals.

In general, Plutonics/Scorpionics won't put up with any crap. When people try to feed Plutonics crap (yes, they see them doing it, and yes, they know it's crap), they will refuse it and dump it back in that person's lap. This generally leaves people miffed and/or stunned, but their crap is not our responsibility.

That said, Plutonic/Scorpionic types are generally deeply intuitive and accepting of extremes, able to hold the energy of people in various emotional and psychological states or crises - often because they have experienced some variation of those states or crises themselves. Plutonics/Scorpionics don't shy away from the more difficult aspects of life, including death.

If you're dealing with a difficult situation (or a difficult life, period), if your life has just imploded, if you have a major case of the transformational yucks, or if you are just royally and righteously pissed off for some reason, someone with a good handle on this energy is the person you want in your corner. You can tell Plutonic people what's really going on for you - as long as it's honest and coming from your own experience - and they can not only deal but also work with it intricately to help extricate you from the oppressiveness of it, all while empowering you and keeping you out of co-dependency.

It should be known that Plutonics don't let up easily. A dog with a bone. We're pretty close to relentless because we have to be. We're here to expose power dynamics that have been kept buried for millennia as well as the injurious, unjust, and deadly consequences of those buried power dynamics.

We're here to figure out what's killing us so we can expose it and stop it. We're here to reach critical mass, to hit the marks that catalyze real improvements and real change while providing such unerring, unfaltering evidence that it breaks through the mass denial that has been crystallized into insulating, deadened shrouds.

It's no easy task.

We're working with issues that people will do everything in their power to deny. People will kill (and do) to keep this stuff covered up.

Most would rather deal with a slow, unexamined, day-to-day poisoning that does not require anything of them than be faced with the raw truth of the situation - something they would have to then deal with.

Plutonics wouldn't, though. They can't. They have to dig it out, and they're here to get all of it. Nothing half-assed will do. Any tentacle left behind will attach and re-grow.

Plutonic people can follow a thread for months or years through thorny bramble bushes, over barbed wire, through mucky gutters, past armed guards, finally reaching the root and clearing away the detritus around it. In a lot of cases, as soon as they get that root cleared, along comes a boot to kick mountains of earth back over it. Then the boot plants itself in their faces.

But in other cases, not. In other cases, they find the spaces to move through and bring it up to the light of day. This is happening more and more. It's getting easier.

Plutonics are not fearmongers. They're not "negative," "dark," "pessimistic," or any of the other words used to discredit the Plutonic point-of-view.

The New Age light/dark, positive/negative, enlightened/unenlightened filter, for example, is an artificial paradigm set up to keep people from their own authentic experience while denying the authentic experience of others - where the power is.

The power and spiritual energy of righteous people is stronger than the nasty deeds and tactics being used by the criminally insane/inhumane who call themselves our leaders. That has never been in question.

But there are many highly-complex and highly-organized ways in which people's most potent energy and awareness is being diverted, manipulated, and used for ends that are not in their best interests.

Plutonics know manipulation when they see or feel it. You can dress it up, Photoshop it, filter it, give it a million YouTube subscribers, call it enlightened or woke - it's still manipulation.

So Plutonics strip the layers, bit-by-bit, as people kick and scream and fight to hold on, to stay comfortably blanketed in them.

What a Plutonic person knows is that in order for things to change this stuff has to be brought up and fully integrated into collective awareness. People have to be living as if it's real, as if it affects them, and as if the wrongs being brought down are being brought down on them - because this is the case. Decisions have to be made, courses have to be changed, using this awareness, so the Plutonics keep uncovering and providing it. We keep finding the cracks to widen.

This awareness can make people feel helpless and hopeless because we're dealing with issues where there are no easy, quick-fix answers.

But working with bottom-line reality is what Plutonics ultimately find meaningful. It's what they find exciting and interesting. Sometimes it's even fun.

Plutonics know what has been brought down on the people on this planet, and they know what is still being brought down. The injustice of those injuries and deaths burns in us. It is not the ancient past. We are not "ascending" out of it. We do not simply "transcend" what has gone on and what is currently going on. The slaughters and poisonings may have been brought down 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 40 years ago, a century or two, but it's the blink of an eye. It's yesterday. It's just the other side of the Neptunian veil dropped over the eyes of the willing. It's a single step outside the Aquarian virtual realities holding rapt attention.

We know the people who have been hurt because they are us and we are them. These are the people whose hearts are with our own. What has been brought down on them has been brought down on all of us.

All this smoulders and burns until it is rectified. And until it is out in the open, understood, felt, loved, and dealt with en masse, so do I. So does anyone who feels it as his or her own. At this point, holding the Plutonic awareness of what has gone on and what is going on now is doing something. Making changes and decisions in your own life based on this Plutonic awareness is doing something. Most people are not doing so.

So for all the Plutonic consciousness comrades out there:

Don't doubt yourself.

Don't let people reframe your experience into something more palatable and comfortable for them.

What you're doing, reaching the points of authenticity and honesty that you're reaching, is highly effective. That's why it is such a threat to those who wish to maintain the establishment status-quo-as-you-go.

Keep going. We'll keep going right alongside you.

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I needed this. Thank you Willow!

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Glad to hear that, Marta! You're welcome!

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