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False Heroes, Fake Rebels, and Pseudo-Alternatives in the Astrological Aquarian Era

Updated: May 30, 2023

Originally published on the main blog on April 3, 2020. I'm not sure when you will be reading this - maybe it will be a few years from now or even a few decades. With Saturn now leading the grand-scale shift into the Aquarian Era, our communication has to take on a future-oriented tone. We're building toward a preferable future vision on this planet, toward a free humanity, but we don't know when this vision will be materialized.  We're under increasingly authoritarian rule on Planet Earth. They call it many things, including the New World Order, the Global Government, One World Government, Global Fascism, the Globalists, and the power elite, among others.  The groups in the pyramid caps have millions of civilian foot-soldiers doing their dirty work within human society, policing each other, ensuring that top-down protocols are being followed and that no one gets any big ideas about going beyond those protocols. Let me try to describe the situation for you. In the year 2020, most of the human population has been mesmerized by either mainstream media or pseudo-alternative media or a combination of the two. Our communication channels are being censored and filtered, and false narratives of various kinds are dominating the public discourse. The mind control is thick, the implanted thoughts and agendas are many, but most do not see the way their mental synapses and spiritual energy are being hijacked by people and entities who do not have their best interests at heart.  Our personal power is being hijacked by various schemes within the mainstream political realm, including one where the "White Hats" are working behind the scenes to free us all from tyranny.  Oh, but they first have to bring in tyranny (only temporarily!) in order to save us. "It's all part of the plan. We need to bring in authoritarian hyper-control of your every movement as a cover so we can swoop in behind the scenes and get rid of all the corruption. We're arresting the bad guys and gals as we speak! Be patient. Trust the plan. We have it handled." Our spiritual power is being hijacked in various ways, as well, including by the New Age pyramid scheme and its slick proponents. "It's all part of the divine plan. It's all part of the Grand Ascension to the 5th Dimension. The mass deaths are simply the Earth shedding an old paradigm, a paradigm we made ourselves by creating our own collective reality! Raise your vibrations! Love and light! The enlightened will not be affected. The dead and dying are simply a necessary purge of old energy." Or then we have the Christian "wait for Jesus" paradigm. "Revelations is coming true! Jesus is coming back to save us all. All you have to do is pray and be faithful and wait right where you are, and he'll take care of the rest. No resistance or action necessary. All true believers will be saved! Don't concern yourselves with anyone else." We hear echoes, echoes, echoes throughout the ideological camps. Passivity, deference to "authority figures," and acceptance of the unacceptable as a temporary necessary evil are common denominators in these manipulative, control-based schemes. Charismatic figureheads are being followed near-blindly straight off a cliff.  We even have controlled opposition agents "outing" other controlled opposition agents as a way to control the discourse around controlled opposition. Oh, how meta!  Independent thought, research, and action are a rarity, though these do exist in highly-inspiring pockets. The people who know and who cannot be coerced are very powerful at this time on the planet, and this is why they are being thwarted, attacked, censored, and shut down at every possible turn, including by fellow citizens/community members. Let me make this very clear: there is a difference between a "Truth-Teller(TM)" and a freedom fighter. There is a difference between an "enlightened New Age guru shepherding us to the 5th dimension" and a freedom fighter. There is a difference between a pseudo-alternative commentator or journalist and a freedom fighter. There is a difference between a high-ranking politician and a freedom fighter. If their primary objective isn't to extricate and liberate humanity - body, mind, and spirit - including from them, they're most likely trying to hook you into their construct, into the scheme that provides their elevated position and status. They may talk the talk of freedom and liberation, but watch how they walk the walk. It most often stands in stark contrast to their words.  I wrote a recent article about the parallels between the Aquarian infusion we are experiencing from 2020 to 2023 and the early years of the 1960s. In particular, the six-planet stellium we will experience at the New Moon in Aquarius on February 20, 2021 has strong ties to a seven-planet stellium that was experienced on February 4, 1962. That Aquarius New Moon in 1962 was heralded, at the time, as the beginning of the Aquarian Age.

Between 2020 and 2023, we experience three major planetary ingresses of Aquarius: Saturn on March 21, 2020; Jupiter on December 19, 2020; and Pluto on March 23, 2023. Jupiter and Saturn will be in Aquarius during the New Moon within six-planet stellium in February 2021, just as they were in 1962. The transits of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will be followed by a 20-year transit of Pluto in Aquarius (2023 - 2044). These major ingresses set the tone for an advancement of Aquarian-era themes that were initiated in the early 1960s. In many ways, looking at the themes from that decade provides us with both inspiration and a cautionary tale as we enter the 2020s. From the February 4, 2020 article, "Parallels Between the Aquarius Stellium of February 1962 and the Aquarius Stellium of February 2021"

"We are in the early years of a new decade now, as we were then, that will involve explosive social, cultural, and technological growth and change. The Aquarius stellium in 1962 included a New Moon total solar eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius, marking a simultaneous anchoring point and launch point for the major cultural shifts experienced during the 1960s. We can view the New Moon and six-planet stellium in Aquarius in February 2021 as a similar anchoring/launching point for major cultural and societal changes in the 2020s. Though the impulses toward and desires for better conditions for humanity were real within much of the public in the 1960s, we also saw, during that decade, a strong element of social and cultural engineering along with the infiltration and co-opting of the true counter-culture. On the surface, people were riding the wave of the Grand Humanitarian Future being brought to us (ostensibly) through the peace-and-love hippies, the counter-cultural icons of music, art, and literature, and the grand, inspirational political speeches being broadcast into the shining eyes of television viewers. Underneath that Grand Humanitarian Front, however, the same insidious agenda was being furthered through the same insidious power structures. We see a strong possibility that the truly beneficial shifts associated with the new-era energy, ideas, and insights of the 2020s could be hijacked in much the same way as the true spirit of the 1960s was hijacked by hedonism (sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll), narcissism, and escapism. Detrimental and distracting concepts, ideas, and faux "counter-cultural icons" were implanted in the culture of the 1960s (along with a raft of high-profile murders/assassinations) in order to derail the real progress being made, including with antiwar efforts and with the application of true humanitarian ideals... [M]any of the counter-cultural icons of the 1960s were plants being utilized for distraction, diversion, and control-based purposes. These manufactured celebs took the public's attention away from antiwar efforts surrounding the Vietnam War and from the nefarious activities of the power establishment, in general, which is pretty much the entire point of celebrity culture. We see a very similar element today, including with controlled opposition agents being held up as truth-telling, establishment-busting heroes." As we begin the major shift into stronger Aquarian Era themes, initiated at March equinox 2020 by Saturn entering Aquarius, the public stage is absolutely thick with false heroes, fake rebels, and pseudo-alternatives set to hijack the true potential of both humanity and these times on the planet. So many bright and inquiring minds have been sucked into the dead-end black holes of controlled opposition, gatekeepers, egotists, narcissists, and general fakes and phonies. Their minds and their spiritual energy are being hijacked. Their time on this planet is being stolen from them. The words coming from their mouths are not their own. The ideas being furthered through them are not in their best interests. Despite pure hearts and good intentions, their effectiveness is being diminished terribly by following the wrong leaders.

In the Aquarian Era, we are not meant to follow rigid, static, singular leaders. We are not meant to worship figureheads, no matter how charismatic, sexy, rich, or sophisticated. In this era, leadership is a group effort, an evolving, changing, fluid sort of thing where we share both the responsibilities and the burdens of it. A person in a position of leadership will have earned that place via exceptional talents, skills, knowledge, qualities, or ability, but this does not mean other leaders cannot step up if they, too, have earned their places at the fore.  This is a natural form of authority, an organic and alive version, and this form of Aquarian Era leadership stands in stark contrast to the authoritarian forms we're being asked to swallow today. This natural form of authority does not maintain its position through nepotism, cronyism, manipulation, coercion, trickery, force, or the ability to capitalize on a corrupt system for personal gain and acclaim.

I've seen a meme making the rounds that states: Real leaders don't create followers. They create more leaders.

I would alter that slightly to read: Real leaders don't create followers. They catalyze new leaders. 

This blazing catalytic potential is being hijacked and blocked by the rigid, hierarchical leader-follower dynamics in which so many are caught up. The Aquarian Era revolution is a leaderless revolution simply because we are all meant to be leading in whatever ways we can. We're all meant to be initiating and catalyzing action. We're all meant to be leading into a preferable future on this planet. We are not meant to be waiting for anyone's permission or go-ahead. Indeed, time is of the essence. With Saturn in egalitarian Aquarius from March 2020 to March 2023, we are revolutionizing our relationship with authority, leadership, status, prestige, and public position. As part of this, I hope to see bloated egotists and narcissistic users being unceremoniously dethroned en masse. I hope to see the phonies being outed. I hope to see a grand-scale rejection of the mental and spiritual poison being dished out from so many glossy public platforms. I hope to see an elimination of the dependence on figureheads altogether, even well-meaning ones. I hope to see a time when terribly, terribly flawed individuals are no longer being held up as people to emulate, to admire, to hero-worship. To go further, I hope hero-worship in all forms becomes a thing of the past. To these ends, I include this excerpt from the November 19, 2018 article, "Jupiter Square Neptune and How to Spot Controlled Opposition"

How to Spot Controlled Opposition

1. The person or organization is famous, a household name (at least in certain circles), and/or is covered on mainstream media. This is a dead giveaway. People who have the real-deal information, who do the real-deal research and journalism, are suppressed, ostracized, mocked, isolated, and even murdered by the establishment. They do not rise to any sort of prominence within the public, especially with the assistance of mainstream media. They have to fight tooth-and-nail to get the truth out there amidst monstrous opposition. They are certainly not provided with large public platforms or mainstream media play, even if only as supposed "enemies of the state." Real whistleblowers are stepped on, intimidated, shut up, or killed. They don't hit CNN or CBC or BBC or Fox News. They don't hit VICE or Democracy Now or Dr. Oz. (Unless, that is, they are being used by the establishment as unwitting controlled opposition.) Within the pseudo-alternative media, controlled opposition agents will often have relative fame - a relatively large public platform in the hundreds of thousands or low millions. These individuals will often seem just a little too slick or a little too rehearsed to be real people. They may have an extreme and unnatural level of charisma, and this charisma can draw people in. (The standard cult leader personality.) This type of charisma can be generated with mind control techniques, occult-based machinations, or both. 2. Limited hangouts: a controlled opposition agent will release very juicy insider information to the followers to make them believe that "someone is doing something; someone is on top of this." This is a common technique by the power establishment of "throwing people a bone." Because the agent is releasing information that the powers-that-be would not generally want released to the public, information that makes the established order look bad, the controlled opposition agent gains legitimacy in the minds of the followers. The followers trust that this person is "one of them, on the good side, playing for the right team." The information being released is often partial, outdated, diversionary, or of limited scope. If the information is legitimate, nothing effective is done with it. The controlled opposition agent or group does not direct people to take viable action based on this information. Often, the limited hangouts merely scratch the surface. They do not go to the real roots of the situation or call out the real people and organizations responsible. Limited hangouts are often used as a "look over there!" tactic to divert attention from other areas. Limited hangouts by controlled opposition agents have the effect of controlling dissenting discourse within the public. Followers hang on the controlled opposition agent's every word, waiting to be told what to think or what to do, never doing their own research or coming up with their own thoughts, ideas, or actions. The discourse only goes so far as the controlled opposition agent allows it to go. Limited hangouts are being used to great effect by Donald Trump and supposed Trump insider Q Anon, as well as by other puppet-celebrities. (Don’t worry – the establishment left is just as chock full of controlled opposition as the establishment right.) The public has never before experienced a high-level politician or celebrity producing such a steady stream of juicy limited hangouts, and many people are utterly mesmerized and mind controlled under the spell of it. The reason limited hangouts are being used so extensively at this time is that the public has successfully uncovered so much of the true reality on this planet. The people have uncovered things that can't be swept back under the rug, and the power establishment must now try to take control of this information. 3. The controlled opposition agent will often have ties (past or present) to mainstream organizations, government agencies, or establishment groups. A controlled opposition agent is often a supposed dissenter who rejected some mainstream organization or industry in order to "tell people the truth." (I've personally found these types of fake rebels or critics to be common within the New Age establishment - people pretending to be critics of New Age while actually being adherents to New Age beliefs and ideology.) While true dissenters and whistleblowers do exist, they almost never gain large public platforms. The ultimate allegiance of a controlled opposition agent is with the establishment, and they may receive funding directly from related industries or organizations. If being an "establishment rebel" is a strong part of the person's schtick, there is reason to be suspicious. 4. The controlled opposition agent creates and reinforces a strong Figurehead-Follower power dynamic. This is a hierarchical dynamic where the Figurehead sits at the top of a pyramid scheme of power with the followers gazing up in rapt devotion. This often takes the form of the "Wise Fatherly" archetype with the controlled opposition agent being looked to as the pinnacle of wisdom and the ultimate fount of information. The Figurehead is seen as the most intelligent and most important individual in the pyramid scheme and certainly receives the most attention. Narcissistic tendencies can commonly be observed. The Figurehead must be deferred to at all times. Dissenting information is generally censored, and anyone considered a dissenter is cut out of the fold. There is no climate of intellectual equality, even though lip service may be paid to that. People often want to get closer to the Figurehead, moving up the rungs of the pyramid scheme to the inner circle. Once in the inner circle, people will defend and protect the lofty position of the Figurehead to maintain their own position. The energy, ideas, intellect, talents, and efforts of the followers - those on the lower rungs of the pyramid - are funneled to the top and often folded into the Figurehead's own work. In this way, the followers are used to prop up or bolster the position and status of the Figurehead. This is energetic theft, and it's really the only way the bloated public platform used by the Figurehead can be maintained over time. 5. The Figurehead controlled opposition agent has extreme influence on the thoughts, ideas, and speech of the followers to the point of mind control. This takes the form of hundreds of thousands or millions of followers parroting the Figurehead's exact ideas and catch phrases. (Hatefully referring to the public as “sheeple” is one that springs immediately to mind.) This phenomenon can be easily picked up on by those objectively viewing the dynamics, and it is another dead giveaway. Free thinkers do not parrot the same catch phrases, idioms, or ideas at the same times as hundreds of thousands or millions of others. Independent researchers and thinkers do not obsessively focus on the pet subjects or ideas of the Figurehead to the exclusion of other, more important matters. The common denominator when seeing these types of dynamics will be exposure to one particular Figurehead. 6. The Figurehead controlled opposition agent often stirs anger, rage, frustration, confusion, or despair in followers with no healthy outlets for those feelings. Anger and rage will often be directed toward certain groups of people as the cause of the ills. These groups may be gender-based, race-based, or politics-based but can also be the public at large (“the sheeple”). Massive amounts of time and energy are directed toward particularly divisive topics as well as to matters of secondary importance, skirting around the real, core issues of the times and the real individuals, organizations, and entities responsible for the harm being caused. The Figurehead can also stir confusion and a sense of futility or helplessness in the followers, ensuring that followers do not take independent action (“there’s nothing we can do about it, anyway”) and that they will continue to look to the Figurehead for instruction on what to think or what to do. Dependence on the leadership of the Figurehead is encouraged, even if not expressly.

These are some of the characteristics of people who act as controlled opposition. You can use these points to sniff them out. People can be used as controlled opposition consciously (with their knowledge), or they can be used unconsciously (without their knowledge). Whole movements or "scenes" can also be infiltrated by controlled opposition - maintaining establishment control over dissent and the exposing of truth by scratching the surface, appearing to allow a public platform for alternative views, but never going to the real roots of the situation or truly liberating people's minds or lives.

Controlled opposition agents are looked to as primary leaders for a cause, and this is exactly the dynamic they create and reinforce until dependence on them as figureheads is fostered. These agents are actually put in place to mislead, to lead in the wrong direction, or to entirely shirk leadership at critical moments. This hijacks, confuses, and diffuses grassroots movements and independent action that would otherwise be effective.

Saturn in Aquarius is a three-year transit for leveling hierarchies of all kinds and for re-formulating ideas around leadership and authority.

Don't look to figureheads of any kind to tell you what to think or what to do. Aside from the controlled opposition element: take responsibility for your own thoughts, your own actions, and your own continued education on pertinent matters. Falling into the Figurehead-Follower dynamic and looking to the same handful of people as your personal authorities stops the discourse from going deeper or broader. It stops your own insights from being developed as they need to be, and it could stop those insights from reaching the people who need them.

Use the information provided in limited hangouts for your own knowledge base, but don't be drawn into the Figurehead's overall construct. Don't allow your precious energy to be used to prop up another person or organization. Don't fall for these energy-based pyramid schemes, and don't allow those around you to be sucked in without at least an attempt to set them straight.

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