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Intuitive Astrology Readings, Lessons, and Tutoring


Intuitive Astrology Readings, Lessons, and Tutoring







For detailed information, please click Readings or Tutoring


The buttons above and below will take you to a PayPal payment page. You can also purchase an astrology reading or tutoring session through the Willow's Web Astrology Etsy shop or by email money transfer, money order payable in Canada, or personal cheque.


Readings are available by mp3 recording, email (written pdf file), telephone, or online call.

Lessons and tutoring are available in person or by online call.

Please contact me to provide the details for your reading:

Information required for a reading:

- date of birth (please write out in full)

- time of birth

- location of birth

- any details or areas you would like me to look at in your reading

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by mp3 recording, email (written pdf), telephone, or online call


- Natal

- Transits

- Secondary Progressed

- Relationship Synastry

- Asteroids and Black Moon Lilith


30 and 60-minute tutoring sessions and lessons

Hone your astrological skills and instincts with the assistance of a professional intuitive astrologer with over 15 years experience.

Learn to go deeper into the astrological chart, pulling out rich and valuable insight that goes beyond standard interpretations.

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Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communications with Great Distinction from the University of Regina, Saskatchewan

* professional intuitive astrologer

* writer

* healing arts practitioner

Born after a tornado during the Via Combusta, I grew up on a cattle ranch on the Saskatchewan prairie and have since lived and worked in many locations across four provinces and a territory.

I practise Western tropical astrology as a navigational tool and spiritual art, gleaning and sharing some of the advice, guidance, and wisdom it has to offer us. A humbling task.


I began my self-taught astrological studies in 2003 and started doing my first paid astrology readings in 2006. In 2008, I started writing Willow's Web Astrology blog, a sociopolitical astrology blog known for its honesty and willingness to go where others fear to tread. I also wrote longer, more in-depth astrology articles for paid patrons.

Combining an intuitive, spiritual approach with precise and practical application of the astrological symbols, I have developed a readership and customer base hailing from many locations around the world, but primarily centred in the United States and Canada.


I work with many suppressed truth subjects and have coined myself an anarchist astro-reporter. Freedom and protecting people from harm are key themes.

I believe we have to go to the roots of the dynamics that are harming us on Earth before we can achieve true healing and well-being. Otherwise, we are continually treating symptoms, rather than getting to the source of what ails us.

I work with the healing power of words and intuitive understanding.

My writing has been published in the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, Regina Leader-Post, National Post, Briarpatch Magazine, Prairie Dog Magazine, Yukon News, Aquarian Newspaper, Roblin Review, Country Grind, Hexagon Astrology Magazine, Ripe with Rage zine, and more. I've also appeared on many podcasts and community radio shows.

My zines are available for purchase at my Etsy shop, and they can also be found in the University of Victoria McPherson Library zine collection (Victoria, British Columbia), in the University of Regina Archer Library Special Collections (Regina, Saskatchewan), and in the Mount Royal University Library zine collection (Calgary, Alberta).

I worked for two years as an in-house bead jewellery designer and maker at Art of My Heart, TD Square Mall, Calgary, Alberta. I made hundreds of pieces of unique jewellery during my time with the store, creating a successful jewellery line that specialized in semi-precious stone, freshwater pearl, and Bali silver combinations. Some of my designs can be found here: Weeping Willow Designs, and I still have a few items for sale at my Etsy shop.


I'm also a long-time activist with multiple independent activist and public education campaigns under my belt. My most recent work has involved opposition to the 5G wireless rollout and cell tower densification and to forced artificial water fluoridation in Regina, Saskatchewan.


(306) 483-5556   (landline)

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